OFFGRID Magazine

Here is a magazine that may be of interest to you guys. Its OFFGRID from the creators of RECOIL magazine. It's currently available in stores and I picked up an issue today. I found it to be a pretty awesome read.

This issue covers topics ranging from:

  • Knot Tying
  • Bug Out Bags
  • Different types of Paracord
  • MRE Reviews 
  • Prepping from your local Wal-Mart, CVS, or convenience store
  • First Aid Kit reviews as well as building your own
  • Blow Out Kit Reviews
  •  Weapon Selection
  • Water Purification
That's just a few of the topics covered in this magazine. It seems to only be running a few times a year (I'd hoped it would be a monthly magazine). OFFGRID goes for $8.99. Yes pricey but the quality of the magazine is excellent, similar to RECOIL.

 I picked up an extra for the winner of the EDC contest. So you can wait and see if you win before buying one. 

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