EDC Pocket Dump Entry #2

Here is the next entry coming from Karl S:


- Galco inside-the-waistband holster  
- Sig Sauer P229 Equinox (9mm)
- 15+1 Starfire rounds
- Spiderco Native
- Keys
- Triple Aught Design Skeleton Key
- Zico Lighter
- Wenger Wallet
- Fenix PD22 flashlight
- Skillcraft Liquid Magnus pen (black)
- iPhone 4s (used to take photo)

Setup Summary

My EDC is as much about utility as it is protection. I carry the Sig because it's an incredibly balanced weapon and I'm more comfortable using it than any other weapon.  My knife is one in a long line of EDC carry blades and I've stuck with this one because its steel (S30V) holds an excellent edge for longer than others I've used.  The tool I carry is the TAD Skeleton Key for its utility and look, it features a bottle opener, pry bar, and screwdriver.

The Zico Lighter has a large reservoir for butane, and is actually just as wind resistant as the old Zippo I carried for years. The wallet is slim enough to carry in my front or back pocket and its small size discourages wallet hoarding. As for light, the Fenix PD22 was an easy choice due to its small size, light output, and rugged construction.  My iPhone, which was used to take the photo, travels with me everywhere as well.

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