Home Defense Shotgun Build Part 1: Choate Machine and Tool Magazine Extension

Over the next few months we will be building a home defense shotgun and showing you guys what exactly we think are essential additions. Shotguns are known for their stopping power and with today's tactical style shotguns built for CQB (close quarters battle); with shorter barrels and pistol grips. We believe they make some of the best home defense weapons.

We feel one of the most important upgrades is a magazine extension. Why you ask? Anyone that has ever been in a fire-fight knows that the more ammo a firearm can hold; the better off you are. If you were to only make one upgraded feature- this should be it.

Choate Machine and Tool offer some of the best firearm accessories on the market. Just as their slogan says "where good guns go to become great weapon systems". They were the first manufacturers to make shotgun magazine extensions available to the public. That kind of makes them the expert on the subject.

Our tactical shotgun of choice for this build is the Benelli SuperNova Tactical. Feel free to follow us along the way with your personal shotgun of choice. The products we will be adding can be found for your shotgun as well. Choate Machine and Tool offers this same magazine extension for all the popular models.
The kit we received was the 7 shot extension. This gives us the capability to add two shots to the standard magazine capacity. If you have a longer barrel you can get extensions that hold 3+ as well. The +2 came flush with our barrel which led to us choosing it. If you have a longer barrel get an extension that is flush with the barrel. The more ammo the better.

The magazine extension kit came with spring, extension tube, swing swivel base clamp, and follower (as shown above). The swing swivel and extension tube came in a solid blued steel color and look very similar to the OEM Benelli mag extension. Although the Choate version came in about $150 less.

Included instructions were very thorough and installation was a breeze. Total time took less than 4 minutes. We have a video demonstrating the installation process coming soon. The new magazine extension cycles great and if not better than the stock version. Prior to adding the Choate extension I had two hang ups with the stock set-up while cycling shells.

Not only does it increase your fire power; it also makes the shotgun look a little more mean!

Choate Machine and Tool offers a wide variety of accessories for many popular styles of firearms. I highly encourage you to check them out. This kit retails for $48.15 on their website. If you only add one thing to your shotgun this extension should be it. These two extra shells may determine whether you or the bad guy  gets carried away by the coroner.


  1. Great write up. I own a few Choate mag extensions and they work flawlessly. Durable and well-built. Definitely recommend to anyone wanting that extra edge in a home defense or grab-it-and-go piece.

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  3. Just a warning : Google- Choate magazine tube failures. Lots of broken welds. Buy once cry once.

  4. bought extension for my savage 320 from choate. I live nearby and so I went to the business and they were very courteous and helpful. perfect part