Bogota Titan Flats

Bogota Titan Flats in comparison to Bogota Mini's 
This is the Bogota Titan Flats and we've had it in our store for quite sometime. Like the Bogota Mini's, I realized we didn't have a proper article about this set of lock picking tools.

I won't spend too much time going over the Bogota design. If you want more information about that-check out the previous Bogota articles. Basically the Bogota's are some of the best picks on the market. They make for speedy picking, even for beginners. The Titan Flats offers the traditional single and triple hump Bogota picks as well as a shallow hook pick.

Unlike the Bogota Entry Toolset and Bogota Mini's, the Bogota Titan Flats are reminiscent of a traditional lock picking set. Making picking easier for those with larger hands or for those that appreciate the traditional picking "feel".

The Bogota Titan Flats are constructed of titanium, making them non-magnetic and extremely durable. They are called "flats" due to the flat design unlike the standard Bogota's. The tension wrench is also flat unlike any tension wrenches on the market. This makes packing or carrying them easier than traditional sets.

I enjoy using the Bogota Titan Flats as much as the standard Bogota's. I enjoy having both in my arsenal but the Bogota Titan Flats have become part of my EDC.

Check them out in our store.

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