A few months back you may recall that we wrote an article about the acquisition of  a survival kit for the U.S. Navy DEVGRU (Development Group) or you may know them as SEAL Team 6. This kit is designed to aid a SEAL Operator if he finds himself in an unforeseen survival situation.We covered the list of contents and our thoughts on the kit.

We were happy to see that this kit is available to the public at http://www.precisionriflesupply.com/navy-seal-seal-team-6-survival-kit-suma-pro-suma-psk-large/. It's a true-to-spec kit; offering those items that a SEAL Operator might find in his own kit. This kit has quality components and we will dive into detail below.
The kit comes housed in a rock solid container from SOLKOA (the same hard container issued to DEVGRU). Built from machined billet aluminum- this container will give you years of continuous service. It can be had in black or tan, with a velcro area for your preferred patch. The contents will remain dry thanks to a solid o-ring seal and velcro retaining straps. Its deeper than most "survival type tins" on the market. It can be used to boil water or dig if need be.

When purchasing the kit you have the option to select the multi-tool of your choice. Above is a Gerber Dime, but a similar Leatherman model is also offered. These multi-tools are on the small side but in a bad situation it could prove to be extremely useful. More likely than not SEALs carry fixed blade knives or folding knives and the multi-tool will be a companion to that.

Red LED Light
This is a red filtered light to protect the night vision of a SEAL Operator. When I refer to night vision; I'm talking about how your eyes naturally focus to night time conditions. A white LED will ruin this for a 2 hour period. This particular light has the capability to emit a focused beam up to 33 feet and can be seen as far away as one mile. Increasing its survival ability is the four function setting: High power, low power, strobe, and signal mode.
Button Compass
This high quality AA compass is luminescent for up to 8 hours (not the cheap kind you find in most kits). It's small and concealable- measuring just 14mm.

Ferrocerium Rod
One of the best ways to carry a hot spark in a small package. It can also be used when wet just by wiping it off. We used the mutli-tool to scrape the rod resulting in a shower of sparks. Four pieces of tinder are supplied but in a pinch you can use the Triple Antibiotic Ointment and gauze pad.

Tinder Tabs
These are some of the most compact tinder on the market. We've tested them extensively in the past. In our testing they burn for around 2:30-3 mins a piece. They can also be cut up into smaller pieces in an extended survival situation.

Water Bag and Water Purification tablets. 
A 2 Liter water bag is included. Most kits don't offer a water carrying device and I really like that this kit has that feature. This bag can be used in conjunction with the water purification tabs or in the SODIS method.

Medical Group (Electrolyte Tablet, Gauze Pad, and Triple Antibiotic Ointment)
These are a few items to keep you going. Fighting dehydration in a survival situation is a serious matter. The electorlyte tablet can address that early on. The guaze can be used with duct tape to make a bandage or as fire starting tinder. The Triple Antibiotic Ointment will fight off infections and can also be used as a "fire extender" when used with the gauze pad.

Signal Mirror
This is the military issue style known as the StarFlash. They are super lightweight and virtually unbreakable.

Thermal Blanket
Most small kits like this don't include a sheltering option. This is the Mylar style blanket with a blaze orange side. This is the more durable kind with a tear resistant coating. It can be used as a blanket, signaling device, or build a shelter as seen in our video HERE.

Kevlar Cordage and Steel Wire
This Kevlar cordage can be used for constructing shelter or other field task or as an escape and evasion aid as seen HERE. This cord is PVC coated to protect it from the elements. The steel wire is very pliable and can be used to make snares or gear repairs.

Safety Pins and Brown Duct Tape
2 small and 2 large standard safety pins. 26" of brown duct tape can be used for a multitude of task.

Fresnel Lens
This is a high quality style Fresnel lens. I used it and got an ember within a few seconds. It can also be used to read small print.

Waterproof paper and Ink cartridge
Included is 2 sheets of military style rite-in-the-rain paper. Useful in remembering information or drawing sketch maps. The ink cartridge is pressurized and will even write under water.

P-38 Can Opener
A.K.A. the "John Wayne can opener". This is a military classic. It can be used as you guessed it- to open cans. It can also be used to strike the ferrocerium rod.

Personal Survival Card
This was a non-spec addition to the SEAL Team 6 kit. It has a few pieces of information to help you signal for help. You can also personalize it as seen above.

Overall I'm very impressed with this kit. It features very high quality components and is the first I've seen of that is a true-to-spec version that has been recently issued to the SEAL Team 6 members. Check out our article HERE- where we go in to detail about the kit acquisition information. It retails for $199, which may seem steep. If you were to purchase all the components separately you would go well above that in cost. They also offer a lower priced version as well as other half of the kit designed for personal recovery.

If your interested in purchasing the kit check out http://www.precisionriflesupply.com/navy-seal-seal-team-6-survival-kit-suma-pro-suma-psk-large/


  1. Where is it sold at? Cant find it.

    1. http://www.precisionriflesupply.com/navy-seal-seal-team-6-survival-kit-suma-pro-suma-psk-large/

  2. WWW.SEALTEAMKITS.COM no longer exists.

  3. http://www.precisionriflesupply.com/Survival-Kits-and-Survival-Gear-s/1866.htm

  4. " It retails for $199, which may seem steep. If you were to purchase all the components separately you would go well above that in cost. "
    - lol... I just checked and I top $20 , max

    1. Just the container is over $50...so....your "$20 max" seems unlikely. So..."lol".

  5. Paying $50 for a altoids tin is dumb AF. It's no wonder the site went under. You can build this kits yourself off Amazon n the Dollar store for about $25 each. Plus add lots of extras like a small fishing kit, water proof tinder, meds like ibuprofen and benadryl, plus more.

  6. Stitching for wounds (boil string first, use only in extreme emergency) Emergency Kits

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    People really should avert their gaze from the modern survival thinking for just a bit and also look at

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