Surreptitious Entry/Escape and Evasion Kit

We recently uploaded a video on our YouTube channel displaying my Surreptitious Entry/Escape and Evasion kit. There were a few questions about the kit contents and methodology behind the kit. I decided to do an article to answer those questions and show you guys that may be interested in building one of your own.

I designed this kit to act somewhat as a personal survival kit (PSK) for lockpicking/escape and evasion gear. The reasoning is that this is a self contained grab-and-go kit; just like a PSK. When I'm out of the country I layer this type of gear on my person. Concealing it in places that I feel would go undetected in a search. Stateside in my day to day life I don't usually perceive a threat of capture. I do carry minimal gear but usually nothing this expansive. As I said being a grab and go kit. In a rush I can grab this kit and start layering the elements on my person when a threat is imminent.

Being that this is a Surreptitious Entry kit it doesn't include tools such as: Lockpick Guns, Bolt Cutters, Pry bars, Screwdrivers, etc...
I decided on a pouch that would keep the components quiet as well as organized. I also wanted it to be small and modular. With the ability to attach to my Go-Bag if need be. I will post a link to purchase below.

Lets dive into the contents.
This section is designed to escape from handcuffs. Most of the items can be purchased from our store.

  • Hand cuff key on Lanyard- this item can be placed as a zipper pull on a jacket or anything that has a zipper. 
  • Handcuff Shims-3 Key style shims and 1 straight shim. The straight shim is easier to conceal and most likely to go misunderstood by a captor. These can be purchased in our store. 
  • Two Standard Handcuff keys-1 Peerless and 1 Smith and Wesson
  • Bobby Pins- Easy to conceal and less likely to be detected. Get them at your local grocery or big box store. 
  • Three Universal Handcuff Keys-These are disposable handcuff keys that can be hidden on your person. I pack an OD Green, Black and Tan one. Can be hidden on most clothes that I wear, since I usually wear neutral colors. Non-metallic to defeat a metal detector. These are also in our store.
  • Pen Cap Handcuff Key-  It is concealable and quickly opens handcuffs. 
  • Paracord Bracelet with handcuff key- This offers two Escape and Evasion methods. The paracord can be used to make a friction saw or two be used for general rigging or survival task. The handcuff key is hidden and is at the wrist. So its easily accessible. The only problem is that it will most likely be the first item removed when captured. 
Surreptitious Entry Section
  • Southord MPXS-11- Lock Pick Set- It offers a variety of picks to tackle about any lock pin-tumbler lock you may encounter. 
  • Bogota Titan Flats- I love this set. It has the proven Bogota design with a traditional pick handle. Made of titanium, they are super strong and sensitive to the touch. We now offer a 7-piece set in our store for even more versatility. 
  • Bump Keys-These are three of the most common key patterns in the U.S. 1 Schlage, 1 Kwikset, and 1 Master Lock. For very quick entry. 
  • Jack knife lock pick set- I got this set from Kevin Reeve while attending the OnPoint Tactical Urban Escape and Evasion Class. It's compact and offers a lot of picks in a small package.
  • Bogota Entry Toolset- By far the best lock pick set on earth. Made of titanium and makes picking locks simple. They are concealable and lightweight. The only picks you will truly need unless your a professional locksmith. Available in our store, I might add we offer them at the lowest price on the web. 
  • Auto Jigglers- Lock picks for vehicles. Highly effective. 

Binding/Misc. Escape Tools
  • Kevlar Survival Cord- Can be used as a Friction Saw to escape zip-ties, rope, telephone cord, duct-tape, etc...  I keep a few different diameters. Available from our store.
  • Ceramic Razor Blade- A non-metallic and razor sharp. Can cut through all the above bindings mentioned. Will defeat a metal detector. Available in our store. 
  • Hook Blades- Can defeat various bindings or seat belts in a vehicle egress situation. Great EDC item. Available in our store.
  • Diamond Wire Blade- Uses diamond dust giving it the ability to cut through various steels and any other material weaker than diamond abrasive. Available in our store.
  • Folding Razor Saw- Designed for improvising in an Urban Survival situation. Features a 2 inch razor blade, 24 TPI Saw that can cut through re-bar, and a ruler. Available in our store.
With this kit and my PSK I can survive, evade, resist, and escape in most environments. My PSK aiding in wilderness survival. Whereas this kit will boost my odds in a Urban Survival situation. Using the picks to scavenge or find shelter and the Escape and Evasion gear to get away from any would be captors. In the future we will be covering other lock pick and escape & evasion equipment. 

If your interested in the pouch I've used to assemble this kit follow the link below:


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  4. I feel that a "kill key" or two might be a worthwhile edition if you are trying to escape and slow someone else down. Those keys that easily snap off into a lock and disable it.