Black Scout Quick Tips - Free Knife Sharpener

In this quick tip we let you know how to make a knife sharpener out of a part from a sodium halide bulb that you can find everywhere.  Hope you like this quick tip and we are going to start doing a bunch of them so please subscribe to check out all them!  Thanks for watching!


  1. Another quick, easy and even more accessible "knife sharpener" is the unglazed ring on the bottom of most ceramic coffee mugs. I've used these for years for a quick tune-up for my EDC knives, since I almost always have a coffee mug handy. DO check first to make sure the bottom "ring" is unglazed and even (almost all are on glazed ceramic mugs).

    1. I've also heard of this trick. thanks for sharing

  2. I like the inner rim of clay pots. Keeps the angle the same on both sides.