How to Become the Gray Man

People often have the misconception that the Gray Man is being non-tactical looking. While there is some truth to that- there is much more. The Gray Man is essentially an individual that can disappear into a crowd and move around unnoticed. This would include not engaging in conversation or even stopping someone who may have dropped a pen to give it back to them.

The main objective is to not create stimulus to those around you. Creating stimulus is having anything on you or your movement that may stand out or cause someone to remember you. You will notice next time you go into a store or restaurant there are people that you don't notice at all. They are non-threatening and completely average in every way. This is the Gray Man.

How do we do this?

  • Refrain from wearing any sort of logos- be it NRA, the company you work for, athletic teams, and so on. Go "sanitized" (sanitized is a SF term in which they strip any identifying materials from their clothing or gear. Even down to the labels if operating in a country we aren't supposed to be in). For example if your wearing a Miami Dolphins hat; someone may also be a fan and notice you (creating stimulus) and could even strike up a conversation. Which is worst-case fail scenario
  • Clothing needs to be of a classic conservative look. Jeans and Khakis are acceptable. Stay away from any 5.11's or cargo pocket style pants. Wearing basic polos, t-shirts, and button-downs in neutral colors (grays, navy blues, earth tones). Nothing that's bright or exotic looking. Basically you want a classic look- the one that never goes out of style. Don't wear anything that is of the latest fashion that may be loud or people are interested in. Stay away from all tactical gear. Especially tactical footwear.
  • Dress for the occasion. If your going to a formal dinner- dress formal. Informal dress casual. 
  • Dress for the season you are in. Do not wear a jacket in summer time.
  • Do not make eye contact and walk in the pace of the baseline.
  • Stay away from fashionable hair styles. A mo-hawk will not work even if your wearing the best Gray Man outfit. 
  • For ladies- Avoid revealing clothing that may draw the attention of men.
  • Also remember to look non-threatening.
For some being the Gray Man is impossible. If your 7 feet tall you are going to create stimulus. If your overweight or if you have a overly muscled physique you will most likely be remembered. If you have any unchangeable features i.e. scars, birthmarks, etc... It may also be difficult.

We will re-examine the Gray Man concept in the future- detailing situations, clothing selection, and tools. Check out our video where we go in-depth on the above concepts. 


  1. Good to go !! I actually teach a private class on this very thing , never went public with it though . I put alot of thought into it and you are more than welcome to my syllibus , I do not do urban evasion any longer .

    1. Yeah send it to me in an email. I'd like to look over it.

    2. I would like to read your syllabus also if you don't mind. I am trying to teach my kids survival skills and this is an area where I am lacking in knowledge.

    3. I would like to read your syllabus also if you don't mind. I am trying to teach my kids survival skills and this is an area where I am lacking in knowledge.

  2. Frumpy middle-aged woman gray lady...

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