Preparing for Uncertainty: Silver as Financial Security

As a survivalist or preparedness minded person, we often focus on skill sets and gear. Little is though about on the topic of financial security.

We tend to shovel cash into our savings accounts and build a nest egg to carry us through problems that may arise. But what if the dollar of your country loses value as it has in many counties in the world? Survivalism is preparing for the worst and are usually "what-if" scenarios. Devaluing of the dollar should also be one of those scenarios you prepare for.

Silver is the easiest and most cost efficient way to get started in obtaining precious metals. It takes less of an initial investment as something like gold or platinum may cost.

I suggest to save a little each week from your income. This should be separate from your regular savings account. Similar to the pay-yourself-first method. At the end of the month, purchase the amount of silver that you can with the money you have set aside. You will be surprised at how quickly you can develop financial insurance within a year. Typically precious metals tend to have a value that increases. You will lose nothing and if anything you can usually make a return on your investment.

One of our favorite places to purchase silver is Check them out and get on the path to financial security.

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