EDC Entry #3

This entry is from Aaron A.:

In my EDC I carry several important items. 
-I keep the bandana, because I can use it for a bandage, sweat rag, dust mask, belt, ect. Making it one of the more important items in my edc.
-Next is a life gear flashlight, after I made a review of this flashlight for my channel, I loved it so much I went out and bought a second, with 4 modes it has high versatility, especially with the SOS mode.
-Third is my Gerber obsidian knife, I keep this because it is great for basic cutting, and with the screwdriver (both Phillips and flat) it makes it a little more useful in daily functions. 
-fourth is my wallet which inside contains a tool logic survival card and bear grylls priorities of survival guide, the card has a nice small knife which would make an easy spear, and it has a firestarter, whistle, and tweezers, making it a welcome item to carry.
- last is my keys but beside the carabineer there isn't much to tell about them.

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