EDC Entry #9

This entry comes from EMT and Survival freak Matthias H. all the way from Austria:

My EDC items

A solid wire cable with the following:

  • Ink pen
  • small wistle
  • Leatherman squirt
  • Folding razor saw
  • Photon light green
  • Capsule with 20.-€ bill
  • Small tweezers
  • Keys for my Jeep Wrangler
  • Small piece of paracord
  • A gift from an Austrian air force pilot ;-)
  • Fenix E05
  • Exotac match box
  • Gerber shard
  • Exotac flint steel

On the left side is a special part of my spec ops wallet:

  • A thin metalcard (creditcard size) for door opening 
  • a polymer handcuff key
  • a ceramic razor blade
  • a small signal mirror
  • 2 handcuff shims
  • a small flint
  • mini bogotas
  • a diamond wire
  • a small magnet

Fixed with glue dots on the card this tool fits in a credit card slot of the wallet.
The card is like an insurance for the worst cases.

The tools on the keychain are for my daily use in the emergency medical service.
Need a pen, a small pry tool, a cutter, a light or the leatherman everyday.
The matchbox and the flint are rarely in use, but sometimes in spare time outdoors.

The Samsung Galaxy S3, my 24 hour communication center is not on the pic, as well as the Spec Ops wallet, but everyday in use.

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