EDC Entry #10

This entry comes from Blake M.:

Glock 23 in g-code incog holster with spare Glock 22 mag. Holster is comfortable and carriers gun and mag securely. I carry a spare mag for a Glock 22 for the added benefit of 2 extra rounds.

Surefire e2dL because of durability, brightness, dual lumen output, and self defense bezel.

Spare battery carrier with 2 spare 123's for the e2d, along with a micro sd card

Rick Hinderer xm18 folder, most durable, and best knife I have owned

Strider fixed blade in Kaos Kydex Solutions IWB sheath

Kaos Kydex Solutions cobra gun belt, heavy belt to carry all the weight

iPhone 4 in magpul case, used it to take picture

Basix lighter, cheap, disposable, and handy

Urban E&E kit: quik stick, handcuff shim, polymer handcuff key, folding razor/saw, Kevlar cord, diamond wire, button compass, and lock kill key. All fits inside zip lock bag, and then into the custom pouch I made.(camo is Kryptek Typhon, and matches my Incog)

Coach slim leather wallet with money clip. Id's, cards, and a few quarters

Finally, car key with Swiss tech tool secured shut with rubber o-ring.


  1. Unfortunately Blake is thief who steals from his clients. Sent him a Tomahawk for a custom sheath to be made. He never sent me a sheath, kept my hawk, won't respond to me and blocked me on social media. Avoid doing business with Kaos Kydex Solutions.

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