EDC Entry #8

The next entry comes from Chris H.:

My EDC items:
  • Smith and Wesson 3913 (9mm) 8+1
  • Spare magazine
  • Specopsbrand T.H.E wallet Jr
  • Swiss Army one hand Trekker knife
  • CRKT m16 LE folding knife
  • Ferro rod attached to Swiss Army Trekker
  • Mini mag light 
  • Keys
  • HTC rezound smartphone

My edc consists of several items, that work in urban and wilderness settings. All items I carry everyday except the firearm since I carry one on duty.

However off duty, My firearm is the S&W 3913 in 9mm, I have had this gun for many years and its pretty lightweight and compact. The CRKT knife my kids bought for me about 12 years ago and it has been lost, abused and used a lot from riding on ambulances and fire trucks. The Swiss Army Trekker serves as a multi-tool, and is an excellent knife. I attached a ferro rod for when I go into the woods as well as a small mini mag light.

The SpecOps brand wallet is awesome! I have had it about 15 years and its not wore out yet. Very versatile and I would highly recommend. Then my smartphone that took the picture is very versatile as well as we all know.

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