EDC Entry #4

This entry is from Timmy N.:

As a former Air Force mechanic and mobility guy, I learned the value of being prepared while on the job and deployed for long periods of time. This practice of being ready has carried on into civilian life. As a chef, I'm out of the house for long periods of time where I may not be near my bug out bag. I do carry gear in my truck but as we all know it's what's on you that counts!
    My gear consists of:
1. Victorinox One Handed Trekker pocket knife- I love the versatility and ruggedness of this knife and the tools it carries. Whether cutting open meat boxes, repairing stoves and ovens, to cutting sticks and branches at the campsite, I have a lot of faith in this knife and it has been used hard! 
2. eGear pico light: used to look in drains and finding my way out of the kitchen when the F'n power goes out and avoiding tripping over parking blocks in the dark parking lot
3. Marine whistle: You should always have one (I get a lot of shit for having a "rape whistle" but f@#$ em')  
4.Pill Canister: I seem to always need ibuprofen 
5.Small nail clippers: Short nails are clean nails! 
6.Aircraft cable key ring: keeps #2,3,4 and 5 together with my car keys 
7.Zippered Leather wallet: I have a small stash of Gorilla Tape tucked away in with my driver's license, ATM, and plethora of club and discount cards. I also carry $2 in quarters and $10 singles
8.Life Capsule. My ditch kit that I carry EVERYWHERE! Contained within the large silver pill canister is a small ferro rod and striker, 3/4 in Schrade pocket knife, two small fishing hooks, 20 ft of 65lbs test Spider Wire, 4 lead split shot, 2 sewing needles-one wrapped with nylon thread (1-2 feet), 1 katadyn water purification tablet-still in foil pouch, half a cotton ball coated in wax, small package of magnesium shavings, liquid filled button compass and tethered to the canister is a cord lock flashlight that has three modes-the batteries for this light cost more than what I paid for the light itself so I only use it as a back up emergency light.
9. 1 liter water bottle: This well traveled water bottle goes with me everywhere I go, I do not leave the house without taking a source or water with me- period!     
10. Disposable Bic Lighter: In my business it pays to have a lighter to re light pilot lights and grills and to burn down the restaurant when you just get fed up with working there!    

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