EDC Entry #11

This entry is from Stephen H., a paramedic from Pennsylvania:

  • Celtic Cross necklace with braided Type I Para-cord.
  • iPhone 4 in Lifeproof case
  • 5.11 9/11 memorial wallet
  • Mole skin note pad
  • Zebra Light H51: 0.2 Lumen min -220 Lumen max, AAA batteries
  • Blind Horse Knives White Tiger (Limited Edition): Tonto Tip Sandvick 12C26 Stainless                                            Steel 1/8th'' thick Overall length if 6.5'' with a blade length of 2 5/8th''.
  • Swiss Army Farmer with Para-cord snake knot lanyard
  • Space Pen
  • Titanium Bogata Entry tool
  • Magnesium Fire starter, from ESEE Izula Kit
  • Key Ring with Split Pea Light and handcuff key.
My EDC has continued to evolve over the past several years.  I started out tool heavy with multiple redundancies.  I can't believe how much cordage I used to carry.  Today my EDC is simplified and based more on minimizing weight and complimenting my “Bug out Bag,” not replace it.

Cordage: Paracord is well known in the “survival community”.   I carry a small snake knot lanyard on all of my knives.  In addition I wear a Celtic Cross necklace.  The pendant is secured on 3 strands of braided Type I paracord.  The Type I paracord is lighter and more flexible than Type III, but still has most of the same benefits.  Knowing how to make cordage allows me the ability to carry less pre-made cordage.

            Knives, knives and more knives:  I carry the Blind Horse Knives White Tiger every day.  A sturdy fixed blade that is easily neck carried.  At 1/8th inches thick it’s not too thin that I have to worry about it breaking but still thin enough that it slices like a champ.  The tiger stripes just look awesome.  Since I carry the fixed blade there is no reason for me to carry an over built folder.  I chose the Swiss Army Farmer not only for its small size, but also for the additional useful tools that is has.   The screw drivers, bottle and can openers are great, but the saw and awl are the best in the business.  The aluminum scales are affixed to the liners unlike the plastic of other models.

            Fire: I keep a magnesium fire starter/Ferro rod in my wallet.  This small fire starter came from my ESEE Izula kit.  The smaller the sticker, the harder it is to apply the required amount of force to get the sparks to fly.  Practice is important with a small starter.  A stainless steal Split Pea Lighter from County Comm is attached to my key chain.  Small. light weight and reliable.  An airtight seal prevents the lighter fluid from evaporating.  The only downfall is that because of its small size there is not much time to waste once I decide to use it. 

            Miscellaneous gear: The iPhone 4, everyone knows it not everyone loves it.  It works just fine for the things I need it for.  Keeping it safe in a hunter’s orange Lifeproof case, helping stop the worry of getting the phone wet.  The bright orange color can be used to signal for help.  A wallet is a wallet, but the 5.11 9/11 memorial wallet is small and light, and any time I can show my patriotism I do. Inside of this wallet I keep my magnesium fire starter and my Titanium Bogata Entry Tools.  Both are small enough that you can’t tell that they are there. There are also the less exciting things like cash blood type card and ID. Zebra Light H51 takes a single AA battery and has a max output of 220lumens and a min of 0.2 lumens.  The H51 uses batteries that can be found anywhere, is small, durable, and water resistant.  The multi lumen function is a great addition and allows for blinding light in a defense situation or a more tolerable light while someone else is driving down the road at night and I need to find something under the seat.  There is a Safari Land stainless steel hand cuff key on the key chain, used for the obvious reasons.  Space Pens are small light weight and can be used in weather conditions that are not the best.  The Mole Skin note pad is great for taking notes and is so light weight it is barely noticeable when kept with my wallet.  Besides taking down directions or passing on a phone number, paper also makes a great fire starter if you can keep it dry. 

This is my current EDC.  I’m sure by the time this is posted I will have changed something about it.  The thing I think people need to remember most about their EDC is it is not a replacement for a “BOB”.  It is an augmentation of a BOB and what you know is often better than what you carry.

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