Safeguard Armor: Stealth Vest Review

In my military career I've used many different types of body armor. Most of the time I hated it because it was extremely hot and uncomfortable. It was always the thorn in my side. Being a civilian now I'm not forced to lug that heavy stuff around. With our current events and mass shootings, I've started to look at body armor in a different light. I think you should too.

Obviously body armor has different levels of protection. In the civilian world I don't see a need of serious plate carriers that our U.S. Military uses. The main reason is because you would look strange walking around town with it. Not to mention you have to look at your possible threats. I think we would be better served by a soft armor similar to the ones used by Law Enforcement.

Safegaurd Armor offers a Stealth Vest that is designed to be worn under your clothing like typical Law Enforcement vest. The threat level of these vest is rated at level II which stops most handgun ammunition. Lets look at this a little further. You generally want to wear a level of protection at the minimum of the firearm you carry. Primarily because it will protect you if your firearm is used against you. I would also look at it in the sense of which firearm are you most likely to encounter. Most firearm deaths are from pistol rounds, I think this has a lot to due with the fact they are concealable.

Your biggest factor when deciding on any type of body armor is your intended use. Do you need it to be covert or overt? Is it comfortable? How heavy do I want it? These are the types of questions you need to ask when determining what style or type you want.
Kevlar insert removed
This is the Stealth Vest and as the name suggest it is a covert style of armor. It is designed to be worn under clothing (but if need be it can be worn over). Being a civilian, I believe this is the best route for most of us to go. It's a soft armor that utilizes DuPont Kevlar layers at the protection. Safeguard Armor offers the Stealth Vest in a few different levels of protection. This particular model is rated at a Threat Level II and a Stab Level I. As I said above this level will stop most handgun ammunition as well as knife penetrations.

What I like about the Stealth Vest is that it offers side protection as well as standard front and back. This is designed to protect the most vital organs on the body.
Safegaurd Armor uses what they call a CoolMAX Cover. Most body armor I've used is far from breathable and makes you produce a lot of sweat. I was rather surprised at how cool the Stealth Vest was. The jersey mesh type fabric helped to circulate airflow. The fabric comes in a white color (can be had in a few other color options) and is very lightweight. This vest can be easily worn all day without notice. The whole system weighs just over 5 lbs. That's 5 lbs of distributed weight making it unnoticeable.

The cut of the vest offers a nice range of motion and doesn't hinder whatsoever. It's almost like wearing a tank top. Even when sitting down you don't have to worry about it digging into your legs or having to sit a certain way. The bottom portion of the vest comes to your belly button, it will not interfere with any concealed firearms you may wear.

The vest is secured by velcro straps across the front. The velcro is connected to the rear of the vest by elastic attachment straps. This also adds to the comfort. If you gain a few lbs you don't have to worry about getting another vest. I guess you can say it will grow with you. It can also be adjusted as snug or loose as you would like it.
If the exterior cover gets dirty from prolonged use, the inner Kevlar panels can be removed. There is an entry zipper on the front and back of the Stealth Vest.

In use the Stealth Vest is somewhat noticeable to me. It looks like I had gained a few lbs. But to someone who doesn't know me wouldn't take a second glance. In fact I wore the Stealth Vest for a day around to different stores and restaurants and I got know unusual looks. It was really comfortable and I honestly felt a little safer.

Overall I think the Stealth Vest is the type of armor protection most of us need. Most of us don't need hard armor like the military uses. If you are looking for armor to wear on a regular basis or if your expecting a social collapse, I'd say this is the way to go.

This particular model can be found by clicking HERE

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