Auto Jigglers

You may or may not be familiar with "Jigglers". They are essentially lock picks for motor vehicles. Used extensively by towing companies and repo-men. Also known as "try out keys" because the technique not only requires skill but luck doesn't hurt either.

They look like a cross between a motor vehicle key and a lock pick rake.

Jigglers come in a variety of styles and models, some are manufacturer dedicated. If you go that route you will need hundreds of jiggler picks for every different vehicle manufacturer. If our interested in getting into using jigglers; I would suggest a universal set (seen above) from Shomer-Tec. This set includes 10 of the most universal style of jiggler keys. I've tucked this one away inside my surreptitious entry kit.
I'm still fairly new to using jigglers. But I was able to pop open a friends older model vehicle recently. I have read that they do not work on newer model vehicles, where the key has a chip embedded into it. In research I've seen videos of people not only opening vehicles but also starting them. Eliminating the need to know how to hot-wire a vehicle in a grid-down situation.

How to use:
You will insert the jiggler into the key hole and use a "jiggling" action. Basically a shaky-up/down-in/out type motion. While slightly turning as you would with a normal key to open the vehicle. You may have to go through multiple try-out keys to you find the right one (hence why they call them try-out keys).

I feel this is another good skill set to have. Just like lockpicking, this will help you acquire needed resources in a grid down situation.

Check out Shomer-Tec for this set.

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