J-Tech D-3 MOLLE Assault Backpack

Like most gear heads; I love packs, rucks, and bags. They are an investment. Something that will protect and carry your cargo. No matter if your in the field, hanging out around town, or as your carry-on when traveling. In today's world there are so many manufacturers to choose from. Sometimes it gets confusing trying to find the perfect bag.

We came across a company known as J-Tech Tactical Gear, we weren't to familiar with them so we wanted to check out one of their mid-range packs for review. The pack we decided on was the D-3 MOLLE Assault Backpack. It's a 3 day pack and I can only assume that's what the "D-3" stands for (I may be wrong).
The D-3 has a very aggressive tactical look. The various buckles and MOLLE webbing aren't just for looks; they also add to the D-3's utility. I like having options and this pack gives you that. You can add pouches or carabiners to the MOLLE webbing, personalizing this pack for your adventures.

I've used some packs in the past that say they use 1000D Nylon and I sometimes question whether or not it really is. This pack is very tough and I can positively say that is built from 1000D Nylon. On the front of the pack is a 2" x 3" Velcro area for a unit patch or an American Flag. There's also a slant name tape Velcro area to personalize with your name or branch of service tape. Below the slant name tape Velcro area is a front slant pocket, which is a traditional feature among Assault packs. It gives the pack a more aggressive appearance and I've always liked the look of them.

All the zippers and buckles on the D-3 are YKK. This is a must when looking at packs from my experience. To add to the tactical aspect of the pack is the paracord zipper pulls. These reduce noise when on the move. Something super important when in bad guy country.
The sides of the bag also feature MOLLE webbing and cinch straps. The cinch straps have buckle releases and will keep your gear snug. Also reducing noise of things moving inside your pack. They can also be used to strap other items to the pack as well. J-Tech also included four buckle straps to be used in conjunction with the MOLLE to affix other miscellaneous items to the exterior of the pack.

The D-3 features a front flap pocket and a main pocket. The front flap pocket is standard and doesn't feature any type of organization. Basically a bulk pocket for a few odds and ends that can be easily accessed without having to open the main compartment.
 The main compartment offers more organization features. There is an admin section that has elastic MOLLE style webbing. This works well for keeping pens and flashlights or any other small gear handy. Below that is a two-pocket pouch. One has a Velcro closure while the other is mesh and has a zipper closure. I like the organization offered by this pouch. Keeping small items from falling to the bottom of the pack.
On the inside of the main pack; closest to the frame is four webbing with buckles to cinch down gear to provide more room for the user. There's plenty of room in the D-3 for 1-3 days worth of gear. I really like the organizational features offered, especially without sacrifice for room elsewhere (as I've seen on some packs).

Against the wearers back is a hydration sleeve capable of holding a 3 liter bladder. The hose comes through a slot at the top carrying handle. There are D-rings and loops on the shoulder straps to retain the hose from flopping around.
Lets talk about one of the most important aspects of a pack- comfort. The D-3 has an internal removable frame. Even when the frame is removed the pack holds its shape very well. There are some ventilation grooves in the back area and some padding to help form to the wearers back.

The straps are padded quite well and have an "S" shape that fit well around the shoulders. There are two quick release buckles on the shoulder straps. That's good if you need to drop your pack in a hurry, like when thrown into a firefight. The bad is that if they break your left vulnerable. That's just speculation because I find these buckles to be heavy duty and no inclination of possible breakage. A sternum strap is included and also helps with comfort and keeping a heavy pack on your shoulders. There's also an adjustable waist belt for secure fit.

The J-Tech D-3 MOLLE Assault Backpack can be had in Black and Coyote Tan. I'd really like to see it offered in OD Green as well. Overall I'd have to say I'm impressed by the rugged build and utility of the D-3.  This pack runs for $131. If your looking for a heavy duty mid-range pack check out J-Tech Tactical Gear.


  1. Hello my name is Michael and I have a question. I am about soon to enter into High School/I would be carry a laptop and lots of binders and maybe one or 2 books(maybe, just to give you an idea). I was thinking if it would be a good idea to use the D-3 backpack for a school backpack? What do you think? What other backpacks from jtech gear or others as well. What would you recommend?


    1. Hey Michael,
      The D-3 would be more than enough for a few books and a laptop. Thats the only pack that I've tried from J-Tech, so I really cant recommend any others. Because I have not tried them. LA Police Gear has a few pack for very reasonable prices (I dont know how much you are wanting to spend). But they have a 3 Day pack that retails for about $40 and its very rugged and would work well. If you have some extra cash a GORUCK GR1 would be the best pack you can buy. It has a padded laptop sleeve and pockets inside to keep things organized. The only problem is that it runs about $299, but it will last you through high school, college, and beyond. Take care

    2. it was on sale/steals 40% OFF this May 2014 for 3 weeks for all Goruck gears

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  3. I've been researching and finally decided to buy this Jtech backpack. I got it throughAmazon but it doesn't the 4 webbing with buckles in the main compartment or the elastic molle webbing and two pocket pouch...I'm quite disappointed. I was wondering if I return this is there a place where I can get the same pack as the one you were using?

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