Earthquake and Disaster Preparedness with Adam Ticknor

Here's a video intro from a recent Earthquake and Disaster Preparedness Class Adam Ticknor gave at The Hub in Los Angeles. Adam recently wrote a post for us here at Black Scout Survival about Survival Fitness

Adam Ticknor, is a former Recon Marine and a Scout Sniper. He currently works as a fitness instructor, rehab specialist and a body language instructor. You can see him as a member of Discovery Channel's Season Two of the Colony, he has a blog that he sometimes gets around to updating, and if you are in the Austin area and need info or training (shooting, fighting, surviving, fitness or body language) contact him.

The video cost $10 and is well worth it. I watched it this week and got a great deal of info. Adam is one of the very few guys I respect in the survival community. Most "survival guys" regurgitate information that they read somewhere else and have no understanding about what they are talking about.

The video last about 2 hours and after purchasing the ticket, you can then watch the video unlimited times for a period of about three weeks.

Watch the intro video above to get an idea of the topics covered. If you interested in watching the full video, follow the link at the bottom of the YouTube video here.

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