Schrade SCHF2SM Special Forces Extreme Survival Knife

 Many hollowed handled knives on the market tend to have a weak point where the handle meets the blade. To overcome this and offer a hollowed handled survival knife, Schrade went with a solid hunk of steel for their Extreme Survival line up.

We review a good number of high end knives here on Black Scout and look to offer some more cost effective options for you guys. We understand that some may not have the disposable income to throw at something like a field knife, but at the same time you guys deserve quality. We hope to have other reviews on some more reasonable options in the future.

The Extreme Survival line up offers some heavier duty field knives than the rest of Schrade's product line. Today we will be talking about the SCHF2SM Special Forces Model. There aren't too many one-piece solid steel knives on the market. So I was excited to try this one out.
As I stated above, the knife is machined from a solid piece of steel. With a weight of 1.4 lbs. Its a little on the heavy side, as one would think coming from a solid piece of steel. The knife has a 5.6 inch blade with a handle length of 4.7 inches. A secure grip comes from the knurled handle and lanyard hole.

Schrade offers a few designs of this knife. This particular one has a clip point style blade. I preferred this style over the others, due to ease of cleaning game with it. The knife is made of 1070 steel. This is a carbon steel like 1095. In the 10XX series of steel, the lower the number the less carbon. This isn't necessarily a bad thing. Often times the less carbon, the tougher the steel. For things such as chopping and other hard use task. As with all 10XX series steels- rust is a potential problem. The SCHF2SM does come with a coating to protect if from rust.

The knife did come relatively sharp, although I would've like to see it come a tad sharper. Being a carbon steel, it wasn't hard to put a razor edge on it.
Lets get to the cool stuff: The knife comes with a hollow handle that it protected by a rubber O-ring gasket.  The butt section is threaded and when removed features an included 6 piece bit set. In function the butt section acts as the screw driver handle. The bit set can be removed, allowing the hollow handle to become a storage compartment for other survival gear.

The knife is secured by a black nylon sheath. There is a front pocket allowing for storage of other gear, like fire starting supplies or sharpening stone.

During my use the knife proven to be a durable tool. Chopping and batoning-there were no failures with the knife. I even through it a few times to test the strength of the steel. For those of you looking for a reasonably priced hollow handle survival knife, I would suggest looking at the Schrade SCHF2SM. I found the cheapest price on Amazon and have attached the link below.

If your interested in this knife check out as well as or follow the link below.


  1. I have a Chris Reeves Aviator hollow handled knife. I am very happy with it. I do wish these hollow handled folks would consider sinking and securing a ferro rod into the tail cap. One of the big easy to use gross motor skill kind.

    1. The Chris Reeves Aviator is a sweet knife. That would be an excellent idea, affixing a large ferro rod in the handle. It would also add some weight to the rear of the knife to balance out the hollowed portion.