Black Scout Reviews - Black Scout and Razorback Survival Knife System

The Black Scout Knife (the primary blade) features 5 1/2" cutting edge with an overall length of 11 1/2". The blade is a hand forged Sandwich Damascus blade. The handle is constructed of tan and black Micarta. One thing I love about Andrew's knives is the hidden tang; it allows for a full handle for better grip. I can't describe how exceptional these ergonomics are. One would have to hold one of Andrew's knives to really appreciate it. I'm not only speaking of the handle construction, but the overall balance in the hand. It has "heft" in all the right places. On the spine of the blade is segmented jimping. There are three sections of jimping for different degrees when "choking-up" on the knife. Both knives feature a beautiful Titanium Aluminum Nitrade coating, that I'm sure not many of you are familiar with. This isn't a paint, it's electrically bonded to the blade for the utmost durability. Basically everything on the knife is there for a purpose or function. Andrew just found a way for all the "function" to look amazing.

The Razorback features a 4 1/4" cutting edge with an overall length of 9". Made of D2 steel and designed to be used for finer work. It's also designed to be used when you need to go a step further with a knife without damaging your primary blade. The Razorback can be used as a spear with it's paracord handle wrap to be used as lashing. It's wider than many skeleton knives I've seen in the past. A feature I like because I have large hands and it fits them perfectly.

The Sheath system is based on a Drop-Leg Platform. I have not seen this type of system used on any knife before. It's an ingenious way of carrying a knife system. It keeps the knife out of the way of pack straps and within arms reach. This system holds both the Black Scout and Razorback. It also has a pouch that a flashlight, multi-tool, knife sharpener, or other items can be stored. On the back of the Black Scout sheath is a ferro-rod holder. The sheath system is modular and the knives can be taken off with accompanying sheath. They then can be mounted on MOLLE webbing or a belt for traditional carry.

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