Bogota Mini's Review

We have been selling the Bogota Mini's for quite awhile now and I realized we didn't have a proper review. So here it is. Black Scout is a huge advocate of lockpicking as a survival skill set. You never know when you may need to get inside of a locked door to save your bacon. To us, lock bypassing is just as a critical skill set as starting a sparked based fire.

For years prior to learning of the Bogota's- I carried a full size lock pick set. The problem with this was the bulk of the set, I carried picks that I rarely needed, and I would look very sketchy to say the least. The standard Bogota's are also small and the single and triple rake's is all one really needs to handle most locks. They can also be carried easily in your EDC. However, the Mini's takes it to a whole new level.
Top: Standard Bogota's
Bottom: Bogota Mini's
The standard Bogota's measure just at 3 inches, whereas the Bogota Mini's come in at 2 inches. Without compromising the lockpicking capabilities but making them more covert/discreet. Being just as functional with a smaller footprint-the Mini's are constructed of the same aircraft grade titanium material as its larger counterpart. This titanium is not only non-magnetic its also highly corrosion resistant. They will stand up to daily lockpicking with a smile.

The Bogota's come with a Single and Triple peak design. The triple peak can be used with a standard raking motion (almost a jittery/tickling the pins motion). Even a beginner will have a success with this motion. The single peak is just as effective with this same motion or it can be inverted and used similar to a "hook pick" for single pin picking (eliminating the need to carry extra picks). The most ingenious part of the Bogota's are the added tension wrench to the handles of each pick. This also keeps one from having to carry a tension wrench separate from the picks. The Mini's have a sharper bend on the tensioners than the standard Bogota's- aiding in size savings.

Most locks can be bypassed with just these two tools. They can be carried in your wallet or discreetly on your person. Making them the smallest, most functional lock bypass set on the market.

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