SURVIVE! Knives EDC-4 Review

If you remember a few weeks ago we reviewed the GSO 5.1 in ELMAX from SURVIVE! Knives. The GSO 5.1 exceeded our expectations. After using the EDC-4, SURVIVE! Knives is rapidly becoming one of our favorite knife producers.

This particular EDC-4 is a CPM-3V version. If you're unfamiliar with CPM-3V- you're missing out. This is one of the toughest carbon steels out there. It's about as good as it gets when it comes to steel offerings in stock removal knives. CPM-3V is known for its spectacular edge retaining capabilities as well as it's impact toughness. You won't have to worry about chipping the blade if accidentally struck against anything that would normally take a chunk out of a 1095 blade. It also has greater chip resistance than some other popular knife steels like A2 and D2. I do suggest keeping your CPM-3V blades dry and occasionally oiled as it will rust due to it being a carbon steel.

SURVIVE! Knives (as I've stated before) offers some of the best prices on high quality steel knife tools on the market. When introduced this knife was priced at around $145 with sheath. SURVIVE! also offers pre-order specials that are worth taking advantage of. You're not going to find that value anywhere else. This goes with all of their knives ranging from the four to ten inch beast...

I really like the modified spear point on this blade. Great for making a starter hole in the bow drill hearth board. There is a lot of "meat" behind the point making it strong and durable - preventing breakage. You don't need to be gentle when using the EDC-4; it will handle anything you throw at it. Whether de-limbing, making fishing spears, or batoning wood into kindling, this blade can handle any task.

The blade measures 41/4 inches from tip to handle.

For this to be such a small knife, it batoned wood with great precision: within the 2-3 inch diameter range. Like the GSO 5.1 it remained shaving sharp after being used in the field.

Cerakote, which is typically used on tactical firearms, is offered on many of the SURVIVE! Knives product line. It's extremely heat resistant and also protects from rust. If your unfamiliar with this coating, it's a pricey application. I got an estimate on my AR-15/M4 Carbine of around $600. As with all other modifications SURVIVE! is offering it at a very reasonable price. This model featured a coyote tan finish that looks phenomenal.

The Cerakote option is also beneficial to Military or Contractor Personnel operating in tactical environments. The subdued blade helps with light discipline to prevent giving away your presence to tangos.
Handle comparison of the EDC-4 and the ESEE-4
Having large hands- it's difficult to find a small knife with enough real estate on the handle. Not a problem with the EDC-4, which measures 4.5 inches. The handle really contours to your hand. It's always been problematic finding ergonomically friendly knives. This isn't your standard flat slab Micarta handles - like the ESEE-4 (as seen in the photo above). Guy said that he measured several different hand types and wanted to make the most comfortable knives possible. His research led to the humps and valleys being in critical places. Bad grips can lead to "hot spots" after prolonged use in the field, and in a survival situation you don't need your equipment fighting against you.
Bow drill divot

Bow drill divots are a Bushcrafter's dream and are available on this knife, as well as the GSO 5.1, free of charge. When placed in a survival situation, any corners that can be cut is a plus.

As with all SURVIVE! Knives, the customer may choose their Micarta handle color: brown, black, green, or camo. They also offer orange in a terotuf material for a few more bucks.

I have to believe the customization options are time consuming to fulfill on SURVIVE! Knives, however it's very much appreciated. This is what sets them apart from many of the other "guys" selling knives out there (pun intended).

The sheath works well for securing the EDC-4. Different color options are available. This sheath also has the same features as the GSO-5.1 and will work on belts, IWB, or on MOLLE webbing. I did attach a length of paracord to the bottom eyelets to be used when making a fire bow.

SURVIVE! Knives is currently offering a new model the GSO-4.1 that looks pretty awesome. They are doing a very generous 2nd chance offer of $140. You will be able to choose from CPM-3V or Bohler M-390. I encourage you to go and get signed up for one before its too late. Check out the link to the pre-order offer here.

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