Undercover Bracelet

If your a frequent follower of Black Scout, you know that we advocate having a handcuff key as part of your survival gear. Whether your a LEO, CO, traveling abroad to some sketchy countries, or to free yourself from some would be home invader that decided to handcuff you. Basically any situation that would make you a victim to illegal restraints. The item we are discussing today is the UnderCover Bracelet from Shomer-Tec.

This item was developed for a "leading federal law enforcement agency" as stated on the website. For reason's to disguise a handcuff key that would most likely make it through an initial search. Since today wearing bracelets of this sort is popular among males and females it wouldn't get a second glance.

The appearance resembles that of a "gummy" bracelet. Because it is worn on the wrist it can be easily deployed while cuffed with your hands in a behind-the-back position.

In use the bracelet can be snatched off allowing the handcuff key portion to be used. The bracelet can be cut down to fit a variety of wrist sizes. The other benefit is that the key cannot be seen while the bracelet is being worn.

The bracelet's come in three colors: red, blue, and black (as seen above). The bracelet retails for $10 and can be purchased here.  It's a cheap piece of insurance that can be worn at all times.

We will be giving one of these away on December 1st to one of our YouTube Subscribers/Twitter Followers. You must be subscribed to both for a chance to win!

Check out this article from Neil Strauss the author of Emergency- Handcuff keys as survival gear


  1. Question: Is there just one type of handcuff key...or are there several competing styles...any international variations?



  2. Andrew,
    Thanks for the question. Most handcuffs operate of the "universal" handcuff design which is the key design above. Internationally there are a few rare designs, however most countries I've been to use the same handcuffs as we do here in the states. There are higher security handcuffs that use a key similar to a master lock key. These are used by U.S. Marshall's and other Federal Agencies. Hope this helps. Thanks

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