TETON Sports Hiker3700 (Ultralight) Pack

I just wanted to follow up with my video review and post an accompanying article. This will be to the point, since we detailed the pack fairly well in the video. If you remember we covered the Teton Sports Trailhead Sleeping Bag recently; and we were impressed by the quality and ruggedness of the bag. The Hiker3700 is no different.
 Rain Fly deployed

The Specs:
MSRP: $79.99
Dimensions: 30" x 12.5" x 12.5"
Shell: 420D Double Line Ripstop Nylon
Capacity: 60 liters
Pack Weight: 4 lbs
Hydration Bladder: Compatible but not included/2.5L capacity
*Rain Fly Included

I will start off by saying I was truly amazed at this pack. This is a rugged all-purpose pack that is super lightweight, offering a wealth of features, and very user friendly. The comfort is unbelievable! I loaded out the pack- the pack straps, frame, and waist strap evened out the load. The wishbone waist belt helped distribute the weight on the hips. I even allowed my small framed wife to carry it with my same load out; and she couldn't believe how light the pack felt.

One more thing before I move forward- The waist belt is adjusted by pulling forward; instead of pulling back (like most packs). I really like this feature and allows the user to adjust without having to lean forward pulling back, keeping from losing balance. Especially under a heavy load (I demonstrate this feature in the video review). The waist belt offers a small pouch that can hold a variety of "go-to" items such as our Black Scout Basic Survival kit.

The straps are very slim, yet comfortable. They make a small footprint on the front of your body. The S-Shaped straps contour to the shoulders. They allow customization with dual adjustment points and can be modified to fit the user. As I mentioned above- adjusting from my wife to me was simple and effective. The sternum strap is adjustable and they have integrated a whistle in the male end of the fast-ex buckle. A whistle is a "must have" signaling device when going into the field. Being on the sternum strap its within reach; in the event you get injured. I always like seeing equipment  companies implementing survival features into their gear.

Being that the pack has a 60 liter capacity, you can use the pack on 3-4 day excursions. You could use it for even longer trips with more primitive or ultralight gear. There is a 10 liter sleeping bag compartment where I carried the Teton Sports Trailhead Sleeping bag. By unzipping the false floor (for the sleeping bag ) that connects the main compartment and the sleeping bag section, you will have more cargo space. This also allows the user to access the contents of the pack from the top or bottom (so you don't have to unload the entire pack to get to gear within the pack).
Accessing the sleeping bag compartment

This pack is also hydration compatible fitting up to a 2.5 liter bladder (not included). A hydration hose retainer clip on the straps holds the hose in place. Two mesh pockets on the sides of the pack offer more water storage options.

Two small zippered pouches on the front of the pack offer ease of accessing essential gear like rain suits or snacks. On the hood and on the interior of the hood are two zippered pockets also offering storage space for critical items.

Teton Sports offers some top notch gear. This pack has to be one of the best I've used. Check out www.tetonsports.com for their gear offerings. Watch our video review of the Hiker 3700 Pack here.

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