Building a Bargain Bug Out Bag: Illumination

So you have had a chance to find a Bargain Bug Out Bag from our first article in this series. If you haven't read our first article- we are going through the build process of a BOB for the budget minded folks. Illumination is critical when operating in the dark and when things go south it's usually in the dark (Murphys law prevails). In my bag I have Sure-fire's and other expensive lights. But can you find reasonably priced items to fill your bag? Our answer is yes and we are going to find them for you. We will also try to find these items in convenient locations so that you can pick them up without having to pay shipping cost.

If you are a frequent reader of Black Scout you know that I just recently became a fan of headlamps. These days I wouldn't be without a headlamp. Headlamps however can be fairly expensive. I did happen to find the Energizer brand featured above at your local Walmart for 5.99 (Energizer Trailfinder). Walmart also had a few other variations or upgraded versions of the Energizer headlamp ranging from $5-25. These other lamps had different functions and can be used over and over again with changeable batteries.

In my Go Bag I carry a hand crank LED flashlight for "just in case it last longer than I thought" scenario. Again, Wal-mart answered that for us with the Energizer Weather Ready Radio Crank Light $19.99. This light doesn't require batteries and also gives you that comm support of a AM/FM Radio.

Also at your local Wal-mart or Hardware store you can get the ever famous Mag-lites. I carried Mag-lites for years. I've used them in the harshest environments around the world. They never failed me. The smaller version or "Mini-Mag" is a AA version.If you've read the book 98.6 degrees by Cody Lundin you know he also likes the Mini-Mag. They also sell kits with red and blue filtered lenses as I used while in the military. These lenses are great at concealing your light from would be bad guys and a critical aspect of light discipline. This could be important after poop hits the propeller. The larger one seen above is the original  D-Cell a old LEO favorite. It obviously has more battery life than the smaller version. It can also be used as a self defense weapon if need be. Maglites range from $10-25 depending on size.

For alternative illumination I do suggest carrying some sort of candle enclosed in a tin. You can make these yourself or pick them up from a sporting goods store. Chemlights are a no brainer and you should pack a few of these away. They are water/weatherproof and do not require batteries. The Coleman brand can be purchased at Walmart fairly cheap.

Photon Micro Lights or Key chain LEDs are also good to have. They can be attached to the zipper of your BOB or Keychain. They make a great back-up to your primary light source. Red filtered ones are best for tactical lighting or to preserve your night vision.

So now we have a bag, a headlamp, and other illumination devices. Next week we will continue building your bug out bag on a budget.

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