MCR Medical Thermal Blanket and Sleeping Bag

Space Blankets take up little room and provide a low cost sheltering system. They are pretty much mandatory in survival kits. Today we will look at the offerings of MCR Medical. We wanted to find a quality and low cost option for you bargain conscious survivalist. They offer some of the lowest cost options on the market. We tested the MCR Thermal Wrap and Emergency Bag.

MCR Thermal Wrap
The MCR Medical Thermal wrap comes in Gold and Silver. Silver Mylar blankets are sometimes confused as ice in arctic conditions from SAR personal from aircraft. Gold has a greater ability to be seen in those conditions as well as general woodland regions. The blanket measures 87" x 59" which is somewhat larger than standard space blankets, allowing the user to completely cover themselves. When packaged the blanket is very slim and is roughly the size of a deck of cards.

During the testing I was able to easily wrap myself in the blanket. As you can see (from the photo to your right) the gold stand out very well. It was very windy the day of testing and it blocked the wind and reflected body heat effectively. MCR Medical claims that the Thermal Wrap reflects 90% of radiant body heat.

The blanket is very thin and lightweight and seemed fairly durable. We were able to use the Thermal Wrap to make a "pup tent" or A-Frame shelter. By using paracord as a ridgeline in the center of the blanket; we then used duct tape on the corners with safety pins as make shift "gromments". We used duct tape to keep the intergety of the blanket and not to tear the blanket (photo to your right). The Thermal Wrap can be used in this manner to make a shelter and to protect you from rain or snow, and it will still reflect body heat.

MCR Medical Emergency Sleeping Bag
The next product we reviewed was the Emergency Sleeping bag, and essentially is a Mylar blanket formed into a sleeping bag. The sleeping bag is optimal for covering the entire body and cutting down on windchill that you may encounter with space blankets. The Emergency Sleeping Bag also reflects 90% of your body heat as with the Thermal Wrap.

I'm 6'1" and the blanket covered my entire body with no problems. I did however rip the bag with a 6" tear during entry. This bag is made of a very thin material. With that, be careful upon entry with shoes on and what may be on the floor of your environment. Even with the tear, the bag worked well and I felt no wind chill. Another benefit is that this bag will keep you dry when laying on moist or wet ground.

As I stated above the MCR line-up is some of the most reasonable Mylar products on the market. The Thermal Wrap comes in at just over $2 and the Emergency Sleeping Bag just over $3, when purchased individually.They do offer bundle packs that will further the cost savings. After testing we were able to fold both products so that they can be used multiple times; as long as they are taken care of and not torn.

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