Eagles Nest Outfitters: Doublenest Hammock Review

If you are an outdoor adventurer or hammock enthusiast, I'm sure you heard of ENO hammocks. Eagles Nest Outfitters is one of the premier hammock manufactures here in the US. You can find them on the shelves of most outdoor related stores. Needless to say we were pleased ENO allowed us the opportunity to check out the Doublenest Hammock/Atlas Strap System and review them here on Black Scout Survival.

Before I get into the review I'd like to go over why I think that ENO's are a great place to start when taking up hammock-ing. The ENO Doublenest come in at a very reasonable price ($64.95) for a true quality hammock. Eagles Nest Outfitter supplies tarps, bug nets, and underquilts to upgrade all of their hammocks. So a new comer can purchase a model such as the Doublenest and then upgrade the same hammock as the user's needs may change. A super user friendly system that is very versatile.

The Doublenest as the name implies, can hold two people (or as you will see in my photo's any gear that you may not want to sit on the ground). They come in a variety of colors from Rastafarian as well as other bright colors or more subdued colors. This makes choosing a hammock system to fit your lifestyle much easier.

The Doublenest measures 6'8" x 9'4" and has plenty or room (as you can see in the picture to the right). The sides of the hammock hug your body well, ensuring that you won't spill out of the sides. It also offered plenty room for two of us in the hammock without sacrificing comfort. The Doublenest weighs a mere 22 oz's and stores inside the affixed stuff sack. The stuff sack has built in compression straps that compresses the hammock to the size of a coconut. The Doublenest also comes standard with nautical grade carabiners to link up with the suspension system.
Mountain Pack in the hammock with me and still
had enough room.

I do recommend getting the Doublenest over the Singlenest. Why? The Doublenest is roughly $10 more bucks, it gives you the possibility to share the hammock, as well as to store gear in the hammock with you (as seen here to your right). Laying with my mountain pack and I still had enough room and was very comfortable. With the ability to hold up to 400 lbs and triple stitched seams the there's no need to worry about the integrity of the Doublenest hammock system.

ENO offers a few different suspension systems. For this review, we tested the Atlas. The Atlas consist of a 1" triple stitched webbing with a 400lbs capacity. The webbing wraps around the tree and slips through a loop holding it in place. The tag end of the straps has looped webbing that allows the user to simply clip the carabiner in the loop, and can easily be adjusted. We timed ourselves on set-up and it took 34 seconds to set up with the Atlas system. This has to be one of the fastest rigging systems available. The Atlas retails for $29.95.

 The ENO Doublenest and Atlas System will stand up to years of abuse. There are many applications for this system: car camping, backpacking, carrying for an impromptu relaxation session, or with the subdued colors (such as Olive & Khaki) for military personal serving abroad. Like I stated above it's an affordable system that can be upgraded and can be used in many environments. I hope to test the Gaurdian Bugnet, Rain Tarp, and Ember Underquilt in the future to show you guys the versatility of the ENO Line and how they can adapt to different seasons as well as environments.

Check out http://www.eaglesnestoutfittersinc.com/ for more information.


  1. Nice Review, I wasn't aware the Atlas straps. So do they feel like they will really last awhile? I guess I'm asking if they are worth the money.

  2. I checked out the eno site. They do have a vast color selection.