Grand Trunk: Ultralight Travel Hammock Review

We wanted to find a low cost alternative and ultra-light option for you guys. Grand Trunk offers the lowest priced model we could find. They also have a hammock called the Nano 7; which is 7 ounces. The Nano 7 is also the lightest hammock we could find on the web. Do understand the price point of a $20 hammock; and remember not to compare it to a $150 model.
Travel Hammock and Tree Slings

The Grand Trunk Travel Hammock can be had for about $20 and is made of single layer of polyester taffeta. During the testing we also tested the Grand Trunk Tree Slings ($18).

The Grand Trunk Ultralight Hammock comes in at about 12 ounces. So this is easily pack-able for ultralight backpackers, young hikers/campers, as well as throwing in your pack to facilitate as a camp chair. Or to be carried as a back up to your primary hammock. It comes in an attached stuff sack making packing and unpacking a breeze. The hammock will most likely not stand up to an immense amount of abuse. However they do offer some slightly higher priced and more durable models. It comes in blue and the green shown here.

The Ultralight Traveler comes rigged with S-hooks. I did notice that the hooks sometime point up when sitting in the hammock. Although I didn't have any slippage from the S-hooks. We do recommend changing them out for some light weight carabiners if you do decide to use the hammock often (and to cut down on weight even further).

The tree slings (which are purchased separately) is a 5mm knotted cord that is ran through nylon webbing to protect the tree being used to suspend the hammock. We did notice a bit of stretch in the cordage and we spoke with Grand Trunk about it and the Ultralight Traveler Hammock. (We will give details below).

We had the opportunity to speak with Grand Trunk about the Ultralight Traveler model and tree slings. They told us about their concept and purpose for the Ultralight Traveler. They wanted to offer an affordable hammock for folks that didn't want to spend a lot of money on a hammock, to be an entry level hammock, and for parents getting a hammock for their young adults involved in activities such as the Scout's. We also asked about the stretch we had in the tree slings. Grand Trunk told us that there is a small amount of stretch in the tree slings as with all hammock suspension systems. They also told us the hammock should be rigged about "stomach level" prior to entering for optimum performance.

I would like to commend Grand Trunk for their excellent customer service. No other hammock company makes a model in this price range, that I am aware of. This is a great entry level hammock or for someone who does plan to get serious with hammock camping. Or as I stated above about having a cheap back-up. So if your new to hammock-ing or just want a light/affordable hammock-check out the Grand Trunk Ultralight Traveler.

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