Survivor's iPhone App

As many of you know, communication is critical in a survival situation. Cell phones are by far your first line of defense. They do however offer a host of problems like- battery dying, getting wet, no signal, etc.... But about all of us carry a cell phone in our EDC. If your one of the blessed and carry an iPhone you know that it offers a ton of applications that can be used to make your life easier as well as possibly saving your life or someone else's.

My wife told me about this app earlier today and it's pretty awesome. It features a button compass, flashlight, variable speed strobe, and SOS. Ingenious right?
Screen shot of the iHandy Flashlight

This app is from iHandy Inc and is called "Flashlight". With this app you will be able to navigate, signal for help, and find your way in the dark. The best thing about this app is that its FREE!

Just another tool to add to the survival kit!

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