Blizzard Survival Blanket

So we have reviewed many Mylar products that help you stay warm and also get found. What if you don't want to be found? Such as military personal escaping and evading in enemy territory.

Today we are reviewing a very different kind of survival blanket. This product comes from Blizzard Survival and has some revolutionary technology in regard to survival blankets.

There are few companies on the market that provide quality subdued colored survival blankets designed for escaping and evading. Blizzard offers survival blankets in OD Green, Blaze Orange, and the standard Silver. So they can be used by military and civilian personal alike. The OD Green blends very well in a wilderness environment. Like I said above, this may be very important to military personnel trying to conceal their position.

When I received the blanket I noticed it was much larger than a traditional space blanket. Coming in about the size of a red brick. Initially I didn't understand why, but then I read about what differentiates this from a standard Mylar blanket.

Reflexcell Technology
Blizzard Survival Blankets are designed with a Reflexcell material. As you can see in the photo to your right, it is a double layered blanket with chambers to trap air. This provides a better insulating blanket, and Blizzard Survival claims that it has the same heat properties of a mid-weight sleeping bag. So basically it insulates as well as reflects body heat. The Blizzard Survival Blanket felt warm and extremely durable. Much Durable than competing space blankets. It can be used multiple times without compromising the warming abilities of the blanket.

It's very large and will easily cover any adult. The Blizzard Survival Blanket also has self-adhesive strips and when used; it can be made into a sleeping bag. This helps to keep out any cold draft's, especially in arctic environments.

I highly suggest a Blizzard Survival Blanket over traditional space blankets, for those that may be operating in arctic or extreme cold regions. They do offer an Blaze orange for civilian applications; so that you can be found.

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