Web-tex British Army Basha

If you practice any sort of survival or bushcraft; you know how versatile a basha(tarp) can be. The word "basha" means "shelter" or "hut" in Malay. A Basha is basically a tarp that is lightweight and has loops and grommets and is used by many military units around the world- due to its low silhouette.

This is the Web-tex British Army Basha that we are reviewing. It has a variety of features to be used in a variety of applications. This is the OD Green model, but it also comes in British DPM Camoflauge (for even more concealment). It is made of a super waterproof double poly-eurothane coated nylon, weighing 1.4 lbs. To the touch it feels lightweight yet rugged. The Basha measures 8.6' x 5.7'.

Many people use a military poncho for these applications, but if you've used them you know their limitations. The main being the ridgeline having a hole in it (the hood). No matter how you tie it, rain will sometimes get in.

For set up all you really need is 550 cord. Tent stakes are nice, but they can be fashioned for sticks if need be. For the review I used commercial tent stakes as well as fashioned some with my knife. Both methods worked fine.

The Basha has 5 loops across the top for the ridge line. I like the fact the ridgeline is outside of the Basha. This ensures a symmetrical set-up (which is sometimes difficult with a poncho).

The top loops also have patches of reinforced stitching for rugged use and can easily slide on the ridgeline for ease of adjustment.

The versatility comes from the 12 loops and 9 brass grommets that outline the corners and edges of the Basha. This gives you plenty of rigging options. We rigged the Basha in "pup-tent" or A-frame shelter style. It is very low to the ground and is great for concealing your position. There is plenty of room for two people to fit snugly inside the Basha. We also rigged up a lean-to shelter with the tarp and worked great as well.

This also worked out as an awesome tarp for my hammock, and I will try and demonstrate in my upcoming video review.
If you have two Basha's they can be snapped together to either make a large shelter or a "pup-tent" with a floor. I also snapped mine together and made a make-shift bivvy sack that can be used in conjunction with a sleeping bag or poncho liner.

The Web-tex British Army Basha comes in at $95 U.S. Dollars.

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  1. 95$ seems a lot; I paid less than £30(don't know what that is in dollars). It is a good bit of versatile kit and the fact that it folds up small enough to fit in a jacket pocket makes it great for mobile camping. Also,because you aren't lugging a bulky tent about it's possible to carry a decent sleeping bag and still be in credit weight-wise.