Skystorm Leather Review

I just wanted share some information with you guys about a sheath I recently got for the Blackbird SK-5. I wanted a Scout style carry sheath option for my SK-5. This has become my preferred method of carry because its so comfy. After searching, I stumbled upon a company called Skystorm Leather. Skystorm Leather produces custom sheaths for most of the popular knives on the market. The sheaths can be ordered in a few different variations like: color of leather, carry style, stitching color, and add on's. I like the fact Skystorm Leather offers these types of options for you to customize and personalize your sheath.
Firesteel and Loop
Like I said above, I wanted a Scout style carry. If your unfamiliar with that term-it means to be carried horizontally in the small of your back. I ordered the model with the fire steel loop.Another plus was the sheath included a 3/8" Gobspark fire steel. Its also snugly fit into the loop and also secured by the shock cord lanyard. The fire steel spit a shower of sparks. Skystorm Leather also offers sheath models that has a survival tin storage pocket.

It feature's a shock cord that  moves the strap closure out of the blades path. The snap closure really chokes up on the handle securing you knife with a really tight fit. I do wish that the snaps came in a blackened color for  light discipline in tactical situations.

The sheath is made from 8-9 oz #1 Hermann Oak Veg-Tan Leather and is custom molded for your particular knife. The design of the sheath is Skystorm's own "hawk" style. Which is a very interesting design and its very slim- you wont even notice you are wearing it.
If your interested Skystorm also offers quivers, holsters, and survival tin pouches (Do yourself a favor and check out those quivers). Coming in just over a $100, this is definitely a bargain for this type of sheath. Upon order, you will receive your sheath pretty quick. The turn around time is advertised as two weeks on the website, although I recieved mine just shy of that.

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