Glow in the dark stuff isn't just for kids...UV Paqlite Review

This is not a toy! The UV Paqlite product line goes far beyond your usual glow in the dark toys you had as a kid. I was able to get my hands on a few of the products from UV Paqlite- I will tell you I am pretty impressed. I've never had anything that was "Glow in the dark" that put out light like the UV Paqlite. They also require no batteries, are waterproof, and last forever. Did I mention they are super cheap? Most products from the line come in at under $10.

UV Paqlite's product list:

  • UV Paqlite (the large one pictured above)
  • Tooblite
  • UV Glostick (pictured above)
  • UV Matlite
  • Scooblite (for SCUBA diving)
  • UV Nitelite
  • UVO Necklace (pictured above)

I'll be honest, I was very skeptical about their glowing capabilites. But those doubts were quickly put to rest. The UV Paqlite glowed all night from a short burst of light from my Surefire. It glowed so bright that I had to cover it up so that I could go to sleep!

UV Paqlite
I tested the UV Glostick, UV Paqlite, and UVO Necklace. The UV Paqlite comes in a sheet that is pliable and has a large illuminating surface on both sides. It will light up your entire tent, which will keep from draining energy from the batteries in your flashlight. The other benefit is that it can be folded, rolled, and packed into a variety of configurations. This is a good quality when you have limited space in a pack.

UV GloStik
I will never buy another Chem-light after using the UV Glostik. The UV Glostik put out the same amount of lighting as a standard Chem-light, with the added benefit it is re-usable. Another plus is that its about 2 inches shorter than a standard Chem-light.

UVO Necklace
This is a glowing ring that is worn as a necklace. I've been scratching my head wondering what application this can be used for. One option is to keep track of children in the dark. Possibly another is a simple way of carrying a light source or using it as a camp/trail marker. I'm still not sure, if you all have some ideas that I may not see let me know in the comment box below.

Overall this is a good product if your looking for some long life illumination that doesn't require batteries.


  1. Excellent review! However, I do have one question. Does the UVO necklace provide enough light to maneuver by in pitch darkness? Like... moving around in an apartment at night and not bumping into furniture?

    1. Thanks for your question. I would say no the UVO Necklace does not emit enough light for navigating in the dark. It would be better for marking your camp or something in those regards.

    2. Thanks for the reply! But how far you can see/make out shapes in pitch darkness with the UVO around your neck? A foot? Not even that?

  2. I would say 2-4 inches of visibility in complete darkness

  3. Plan on attaching the UVO necklace to my flashlight, so I can find it in the dark.

  4. So you could not use these to navigate the trail at night to save your batteries-not a viable replacement for a headlamp/flashlight? Is the light emitted any weaker when charged with natural sunlight rather than a flashlight and if so by how much?