Personal Survival Kit Contest: Starts JULY 1st 2012

OK guys, if you haven't got your Personal Survival Kit ready...get it ready NOW!! The Black Scout Personal Survival Kit contest will begin July 1st. This contest will have an awesome prize pack awarded to the winner. This prize pack contains a lot of top notch items from top notch companies. 

Contest Rules:

  • The kit must be a Personal Survival kit (sized kit).
  • Needs to be a container of these size examples (but not limited too): Pelican 1010, Otterbox 1000, Witz containers, Altoid tin, Tobacco tin, ALOKSAK's, life capsules, etc....
  • Submit 2-3 photos of your kit. Make them good pics!!
  • List and description of items
  • A summary of why you chose these items and anything else you want to include.
  • July 1st-Aug 1st
  • 1 kit per contestant
  • The Prize Pack will be around a $200-250 value containing Survival/E&E gear.
The kits will be judged by the Black Scout Team. Spread the word!!!

Email your entries to:


  1. I posted info about your contest on my website. I'm looking forward to reading each person's entry and hope that you post them all, not just the winner.

  2. Thanks for the support. Yes we will post all entries (pics and description). So everyone can see and get ideas from one another.

  3. I will post about this contest on my blog as well, so I might drive an extra 0 people to your site (LOL).

    Seriously though, I really like your blog and enjoy reading it. Some of my favorite articles are the small, easily carried items. I am sure that we have all seen preppers that have a BOB that weighs more than a small pachyderm, but they never have it with them.

    The kits that you feature in these articles are the type of items that someone can and should have access to at any given moment, whether inside their car (as long as their car is accessible) or in a small daily carried bag like my EDC Maxpedition Fatboy.

    I will certainly be participating in this contest and hope to win!

    1. Haha. Thanks Watchful. Yeah we believe survival gear doesn't do any good if you don't have it with you. Look forward to your entry.