All Matches Aren't Created Equal

Left to Right: UCO Stormproof Match, British Lifeboat Match, Hurricane Match,
Coghlans Wind/Waterpoof Match, Strike Anywhere Match (waterproof treated),
Coghlans Waterproof Match, MRE Damp Proof Match
Matches are not my go-to fire starter. I'd prefer a Bic Lighter or a Ferrocerium Rod to them every day of the week and twice on Sundays. Even still I do carry matches as one of my 3 ways to start fire. Why? Because they are easy- if you carry the right kind.

Sometimes you need an ignition based flame for lighting oil lamps or candles. Matches with a long burn time and that can withstand high winds, at times are superior to lighters.

I've used a variety of matches over the years and it has came down to to styles that I tend to keep in my kit. Those are Strike Anywhere Matches and the UCO Stormproof Match. Strike Anywhere style matches are good when you may have lost your striking pad. Outside of that they tend to fair poorly against many others. My preference goes to the UCO Stormproof Match and we will be discussing them today.
The UCO Stormproof Match kit seen above comes with a water/crushproof case, 3 striking pads, and 25 matches. These matches will burn underwater or even with smothered with sand. They have a 15 second burn time and will burn in the strongest of winds. We have a video on our YouTube channel showcasing some of these capabilities.

The matchstick is somewhat larger than many others on the market. I like that it allows me to keep my hand a little farther away from what I am lighting. You can trim them to put them into your survival kit or standard match cases if need to.
As you can see, the UCO case is much larger than a standard waterproof match case. It will take up a bit more room (although I think it's deserving room). It has a spot on the exterior of the case to hold a striking pad. A nice feature that keeps you from fumbling with a striker strip or leaving your matches exposed while trying to light them. Theres also room in the case to add a few cotton balls. I do this to keep them from rattling and to use as emergency tinder.

The case is super strong. I've seen a few videos where this case is ran over by a truck with no failures. I like survival orange, but it can also be had in safety yellow and military OD Green.

If your looking for matches I highly suggest you grab some of these.


  1. Waterproofing your own matches are so easy to do. You'll save lots of money because buying waterproof matches can be pricey. With the DIY project, you can even make a big batch and then save some for your friends and family. In my experience, regular matches are not great if they are soaked in water or there's a downpour. Believe me, the weather can change in an instant when you're outdoors. Hop on to this link to find out more: