Go-Berkey Kit Review

Water purification is a serious concern in a Grid Down Scenario. Picking up chatter from others in the community- I tend to hear more about purchasing ammo and firearms than addressing physiological needs. Such as water storage and resupply in terms of purification.

I tend to steer clear of the pump style backpacking filters. Mainly because they require a mechanical action that can potentially break and also tends to take up precious time. For backpacking there great but in a Shelter-in-Place situation I find the Berkey Systems to be some of the best.

The components of the Go Berkey Kit
Today we will be going over the Go Berkey Kit. Its designed to be a packable system whereas the other Berkey kits are much larger and can handle higher capacities of water. The Go Berkey will suit my needs just fine. Those with larger households may want to look at a larger system. What I like about this system is that I can throw it in a pack and go mobile with it if the need arises.
As you can see in the photo above the whole system will nest within itself. Giving you options to purify water while sheltering-in-place or bugging-out.
All components fit inside the included
stuff sack; as pictured here

The Go Berkey has a 1 quart capacity. It has a height of 14" when put together and a diameter of 4". Built from stainless steel- this will aid in cleaning of the system as well as reduce micro-pores where bacteria can be harbored. It can also be used to boil water if need be. The total weight is 2.4 lbs; so its not for you ultra-light backpackers.

This kit includes the Black Berkey Element and extras can be purchased on their website. This filter removes pathogenic bacteria, harmful chemicals, and reduces heavy metals. It can even remove food coloring from water. In my testing it also makes the water taste better. The life of the Black Berkey Element is 3000 gallons. That would roughly last one person around 8 years of water filtration. Not to bad if things happen to go sour. The Go Berkey will filter around 3.5 liters per hour.

Also included in all Berkey systems is the Sports Berkey bottle. This also includes an in-line filter for even more versatility on the go. The Sports Berkey retails alone for $28. This is standard for in-line filter bottles such as this. It will filter 160 refills from any water source. Great if your on the move and don't have time to set up the Go Berkey or the time necessary to filtrate.

I really encourage you guys to check out these systems if you don't already have a water filtration system for your disaster kit. This particular model goes for $150 and will last an extremely long time.

Check them out at HERE

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