Survival Slingshot

For awhile now I've regarded slingshots as children's toys. I haven't really looked at them as survival tools. That was until a read the 4-Hour Chef by Tim Ferriss. In the book Tim lays out some of his favorite survival supplies with a slingshot being one of them. This led me to browsing the web in search for one to experiment with.

Most I found in my search were either cheap plastic types or made of exotic hardwoods; both types seemed as though they wouldn't last up to hard use. I then came across the Survival Slingshot. The Survival Slingshot combines elements from the ever popular hollow-handled survival knife and the AR-15 platform. Another difference with the Survival Slingshot to other Slingshots on the market it that it has the capability to shoot arrows as well as conventional ammo (steel shot/stones).

The body of the Survival Slingshot is constructed from a rugged cast aluminum alloy with a knurled grip. The handle is hollowed to allow for waterproof storage of included survival items. The yoke and brace are built from steel and all components feature a black tactical finish (including the bands and foam padding on the brace).
The basic kit contains:

  • Survival Slingshot
  • Archery rings
  • Fishing kit (line, swivel, hooks, and lead weights)
  • Button compass integrated into butt cap.
  • Stormproof matches
  • Sewing kit (thread, needles, and safety pins)
  • Vial of Steel Shot
This included survival gear makes this essentially into a survival kit. It could also act as a back up to your standard backpacking gear or survival equipment. The similarity to the AR-15 is that the Survival Slingshot is modular. One can add other items to make this an even more effective hunting tool. Flashlights, Lasers, Whisker Biscuits, Listening devices, and Bowfishing Equipment can be added to assist in hunting in a wide variety of applications.
The archery ring is basically a key ring suspended by strong rubber bands and gives this small game hunting tool the ability to hunt large game. You can use commercial arrows or make your own in the field as seen in the picture above.

The Survival Slingshot is an extremely powerful slingshot. Due to its high quality bands with 25 lbs of draw strength. This type of strength offers a cleaner kill to put the animal down instead of wounding them.

In an urban environment this is an excellent hunting tool. Where firearms may ricochet or give away your position in a grid down scenario. Being silent will also help not to spook any other potential prey.
Here is a picture of some traditional slingshot ammo (marble and steel shot). You may use this to hone your skills. I would suggest when using the Survival Slingshot for hunting- to use rocks or at least 1/2" steel shot. Again, ammo is limitless being that you will never run out of stones. Making it an must for your Bug Out Bag.

Hunting does require the use of calories, whereas traps and snares can continue to hunt after being constructed. I suggest setting up snares and traps but also having something like the Survival Slingshot to do some active hunting. Using a mix of both will be your best bet.

Again, this is not a children's toy but a real survival tool.

Check out for more info. Get yours at the Amazon link below:


  1. 2 things
    1. I have done this with an archery whisker biscuit. The arrow is held in place
    2. I have also hunted nutria with sling shot and large steel shot. I hit one in the head at 15 yds and it looked at me like "really, what are you thinking?" Then turned around and wandered off. It wasnt even pressed to hurry. I was pretty hungry at the time and sad it didnt die but found it amusing enough to laugh. So steel shot and rock will not always get those tasty rodents.

    1. I like the versatility with a whisker biscuit. I may try a few different models with it to see how they do.

      Haha. Yeah I wouldn't have been happy about that. I guess like most hunting it never is a sure thing.

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