EDC Entry #18

This is the entry is from Jeff G.:

Over this past winter my wife an I were lucky enough to get an amazing opportunity to volunteer for 3+ months in the Indian state of Gujarat.  My day to day EDC tends to vary slightly while at home, but knowing that we wanted to be able to travel lightly and that we would be in a developing area I chose very carefully what would be on my person at all times during our stay and took this picture of those items while there.

-Bellroy Travel Wallet: with passport, cash (INR and USD), note paper, emergency phone numbers/addresses/basic translations, alternative ID, and Bogota Ti picks in a card slot
-Bandanna: it started life black and white, but picked up the pink during the Indian festival of Holi when one of our Indian friends thought it a good idea to use fabric die in place of the normal (though not necessarily healthier) 'skin safe' dies.
-Kent Comb
-Fisher Space Pen: I have had this pen (slightly custom combo) for many years.  I misplaced it, open, in a box at work for six months, and when I found it, the cartridge still functioned perfectly
-Suunto Core w/ Maratac band
-Homemade paracord bracelet
-Leatherman Charge TTI: best of the best, my college graduation gift to myself 5 years ago
-Iphone 4s in Magpul case: unlocked for the trip, and used on Vodafones network.  We were near the Pakistan border, and it was unbelievably hard to get SIM cards.
-Coffee: just not available in rural areas, I brought my own beans and hand cranked grinder and received a re-supply half way through
Key ring;
-Berkeley Point Stainless clip:
-PocketToolX Brewzer: fantastically useful (though Gujarat is a dry state, so not as useful for its intended purpose)
-Muyshondt Aeon: I had a Surefire G2L and Minimus as with me as well, but the Muyshondt never left my person
-Pocketweez tweezers
-BSA key chain fero rod
-All doors were locked using padlocks, and my keys were kept separately on my person

When the combination lock securing our bedroom door failed in the locked position (keeping us away from our clean clothes and squat toilet) late at night it was only thanks to the Leatherman and Brewzer that I was able to disengage(destroy) the lock, never have I had a three month period of time in which my EDC has been so well used and appreciated.

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