EDC Entry #17

This entry is from Neal R.:

Here's my EDC:

  • Rat-1 Folder from Ontario Knives
  • Cara Cara 2 from Byrd
  • ESEE Izula with clip plate
  • Bandanna
  • Analog watch
  • Cheapo lighter
  • CRKT Peck as money clip
  • Cash
  • Wallet
  • Basic first aid-3 nitrile gloves, 4x4, band-aids
  • Fisher Space pen

Here's my thought process: I live and work in a rural area, so I needed things in my EDC that are highly functional in my environment, as well as for when I do head in urban areas without having to add in a bunch of stuff. Everything here represents skills that are highly practiced, as well as a bit of a budget. All my blades are legal concealed in Colorado. I carry the Rat-1 and either the Izula or Byrd. These are great as tactical blades or utility on the farm. I like the ease of carry with the Izula, concealed or not. Bandanna for first aid, sun, dust, etc. Analog watch also works as compass in during sunny times. I use a lighter everyday, lighting wood stoves, etc., like the cheapo's so when they run out/get lost, they are easily replaced. I like carrying cash (it's king) for grid down scenarios, off books purchases, also I keep it separate from my cards to have a couple of backups in case of one being stolen/destroyed. If I have a money clip, might as well have multi-purpose, hence the Peck. Simple wallet for cards. Super basic first aid, gloves and 4x4 for immediate use. I teach outdoor skills, and am a WFR, so in my day to day life I carry a full wilderness expedition first aid kit, so keep that basic on the EDC. Space Pen because it is cheap, easy to carry, could work as small impact weapon. Usually also carry a small moleskine notebook, but didn't have it in the photo.

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