Survivor Firestarters Review

Recently Survivor Firestarters showcased their line-up at SHOT Show. They've seemed to update the old magnesium fire-starters normally constructed in a block shape. Those old style magnesium bars always seem to have the smallest flint insert that would sometimes fall out of the block. Survivor Firestarters brand has a generous flint sparking insert, which we like. Just from my observations it seems they have affixed them with a strong epoxy to maintain integrity of the product.

On their website they offer a few different models ranging from a small 2,000 strike model; all the way up to 20,000 strikes (the model we tested). They also offer some without handles and others with wood or plastic.

The model we tested goes by the name "20,000 strikes-Plastic Orange Handle" and retails for $25.00. As with the name this model features a plastic orange handle. Which is good in the case you drop it and need to find it on the forest floor. It's also an over sized handle that will work well with gloves or when your cold and your fine motor skills are suffering. In the handle is a thermometer and button compass. The thermometer has been spot-on during my testing. Over time the coiled spring may lose its calibration as with most thermometers of this type.
The compass is of the dry variety, which I prefer. Due to its rapid indication as well as not freezing in cold climates.

It also comes with a lanyard attaching a striker. The striker is a carbon steel saw blade that has had the saw teeth ground down. It was attached by a black cotton lanyard that I replaced with 550 cord. The blade worked well as a striker as well as for shaving off magnesium.

In our testing the magnesium shaved off very smoothly. We used the magnesium with a natural tinder and it worked well. When striking on this particular flint; a slow/steady motion gave the best results. Later in the day after figuring this out- I read on the instructions to use a hard/slow strike for optimal results. I guess sometimes I should read instructions first.

I definitely like this as an upgrade to the old Doan Magnesium bars. It is rather bulky- making it better to be carried in a pack. I'll most likely keep this model in my Go-bag.

If your interested in this model check out //


  1. Check out Ebay. They are selling these for $22.99 with free shipping. I just picked 1 up. The shipping charges at Survival Fire Starters is exorbitant for 1 item: $7.00.

  2. Is the magnesium just used for shavings while the flint is for the sparks? why not get a decent fire steel that can do both?