Black Scout Reviews - Mission Knives with Chance Sanders

In this episode, Chance Sanders joins us to discuss a variety of offerings from Mission Knives.  If you were interested in purchasing a Mission knife, this is a great video to see which one would be most suitable for you.  Thanks to Chance Sanders for giving us more insight to their product line.  Check out all of the links below and thanks for watching!


  1. Thanks for the info and details about the different knives. I thought it was interesting that the first 2 non retractable knives were recommended for kayaking? Did I get that right?? I would definitely want something I could retract if on the water. Also surprised at the cost of the retractable (3 -4 hundred) Wow! Thanks again for the info

    1. Hi George,
      Thanks for the watching. Most commercial knives designed for kayaking are fixed blade sheathed knives. Usually they attach to your PFD. Usually when kayaking and when you need a knife, you need it quickly. Getting caught in line or save yourself from potentially drowning. Those first two being titanium make them corrosion resistant, good for not rusting and corrosing in water. Yeah I really liked that folding knife also, $300-400 is quite a bit of cash. But thanks again for watching and sharing.