Warbonnet Outdoors: Ground Tarp Review

Warbonnet Outdoors produce some of the most innovative hammock's and hammock accessories on the market. Check out some of our past reviews to see what we think. They did leave the trees to provide a shelter system for you guys that enjoy making the ground their home. You wouldn't be able to tell that this was their first ground based shelter offering. It's one of the best tarp designs I've seen or used.
The Warbonnet Ground Tarp comes packaged in a silnylon stuff sack. I used para-cord for rigging the tarp, but weight can be saved by using lighter weight and thinner diameter dyneema cordage.

I've never been a fan of bright colored hammocks or tents. The Ground Tarp we tested was the Olive Brown model. It can also be had in a Digital Camo pattern. Both of these colors are perfect for blending into the wilderness. Considering some of the recent attacks on the Appalachian Trail.  I like to blend into my surroundings. Especially in times of vulnerability- like when sleeping.
Most tarps I've used rely on a cordage based ridgeline. That system doesn't usually work well in high winds. Using a cordage based ridge line also takes some time trying to get the "pitch" right. They also take up more cordage that could be used for other camp chores or survival field craft. The Ground Tarp has a low stretch ridge seam that's more effective than a ridgeline cord. The suspension cords are attached to the tarp by two small rings on both ends of the tarp. These rings accepted para-cord with room to spare. In the picture to the right, you can see I used a slip knot for easy breakdown. The whole system took less than 5 minutes to set up.

Weighing a mere 18 ounces; the Ground Tarp is perfect for Ultralight Backpackers or Bug Out Bags. Just like the stuff sack, the Ground Tarp is constructed of Silnylon. Silnylon is super lightweight, yet rugged material. It can be pulled very tight to keep out any cool drafts or rain.

Speaking of keeping out cool drafts and rain. Warbonnet designed overlapping doors, something I've never seen on any tarp system to date. Making this a completely "encapsulating" tarp tent. In the top picture I've overlapped the doors to demonstrate this feature. The door flaps can be opened for ventilation on hot or muggy days. The doors can be held open by tying them to the side pull-out loops (we used a small stick to make a toggle to keep the doors open). This kind of versatility makes the Ground Tarp capable of being used in a variety of environments and weather conditions.

The Ground Tarp has 3 tie-down points on each side of the tarp. Each door has 2 to close or open as needed. I used a combination of commercial tent stakes and some I carved in the field.
This isn't just a one man tent; this tarp will hold up to three-four grown men comfortably (as well as rucks and gear). Eliminating the need to carry multiple shelter systems when traveling as a group in the field. The Ground Tarp also has two pull out loops on each side (almost making a dome), allowing for even more room. The system roughly measures 9'x10'.

The Ground Tarp was not designed for use with a hammock, however I'm still going to try it with a hammock and I will let you guys know of the outcome. We will be posting a YouTube video on the Ground Tarp system, so stay tuned for that.

If your in the market for a Tent or Tarp system I highly recommend the Ground Tarp from Warbonnet Outdoors. I also suggest making them your first stop if your looking to purchase a hammock.

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  1. Nice review!!
    I want to order one GT form warbonnet too, im so exited about it.

    Are you sure it will hold 4 people? i´m planning going out whit 4 friends...

    Can you post some measurements please?

    Great job BSS!