SURVIVE! Knives GSO-10 Review

When the situation demands for you to go further. You need tools that will help get you there. In the field or backcountry, knives are one of those fundamentals. Skipping comfort most of the time, I try to carry the  most multi-functional items I can. The GSO-10 fits into this category.

The GSO-10 is SURVIVE! Knives large fixed blade survival knife offering. It's an animal that reminds me of a Roman Gladiator short sword. Larger blade survival knives are primarily designed to process large wood. While the GSO-10 does excel at that, it has much more to offer.
The GSO-10 features a ten inch cutting blade with an overall length of 15.5". The blade had a very sweet tumble-finished look to it. I have used knives in this size range in the past and they were all overwhelmingly heavy. When I had seen the photos and diagrams of the GSO-10, I imagined it would be very heavy as well. My first time holding the GSO-10, I was blown away by it's weight. It's not "light", however it does have the heft needed for a blade this size but nothing more. I didn't put it on a scale but I could carry this knife all day without a problem.

They really got serious about the ergonomics on this one (although I believe all SURVIVE! Knives to date had excellent ergo's). In the beginning of the article I mentioned the versatility/multi-functionality of the GS0-10. One of the main reasons for its versatility is by way of its handle design. Guy really hit a home run with this one! With the implementation of finger notches on the handle I had a really controlled grip. The design of the finger grooves also allows the user to choke up or down on the handle. Choking down helps with "head speed" when chopping or choking up for finer work.

Another new feature in the GSO-10 series is the hidden lanyard hole. I love lanyards on my knives and they should be standard. Something I have struggled with on many of my knives was the lanyard falling and getting in the way when not in use. Well Guy figured that one out too. The hidden lanyard hole keeps the lanyard out of the way when not in use. I did have to remove the Micarta scales to thread the paracord lanyard through the hole.
Chop Suey!
Being this is a large knife, I couldn't wait to chop something. It excelled at this task as I had expected.  Every chop sunk deep thanks to the micro-convex edge. In our upcoming video review you will see the GSO-10 take down a 4 1/2" tree in around 3 minutes and 20 seconds (I may need to step up my cardio). Again the ergonomics shined in chopping with the ability to adjust the grip and still maintain positive control.
The 10" blade facilitates in
batoning wider diameter logs

Even after all the work I put the GSO-10 through, it remained shaving sharp. Very impressive to say the least.

Let's talk about combat use for just a second. If deployed and my primary weapon system failed. Would I rather have a tactical folder or the GSO-10? In a "hands-on" situation I would definitely prefer the 10 inches of CPM-3V to fight my way out of a bad situation. With the weight of the GSO-10 you can execute devastating strikes to a wrong-doer and keep you in the fight another day.

People usually love or hate large bladed survival knives. I prefer them over hatchets or woodsman axes when humping a pack. They are lighter to carry than hatchets and axes  They also offer versatility that you just cant get with the latter, such as skinning game.

Just as with all SURVIVE! Knives: sheaths, cerakote, and micarta handles are all up for customization.

The GSO-10 is a monster that begs to be worked. It has to be my favorite SURVIVE! Knife to date. From the ergonomics, weight, fit and finish; its the total package in a large bladed survival knife. A lot of care is taken in production of every single one of SURVIVE! Knives, something that has been lost in America as of late.

Let us hear about your experiences with the GSO-10 in the comment box below.

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  1. Great review! thank you for sharing this.

  2. I did the pre-order of the GSO 7/7 and the GSO 5.1 last week...NOW i just have to wait.........But really excited...I've been using ESEE's for years and they are great knive but edge retention is..hmmm.ok...I owned a Busse but I'm not a fan of thier business modle...Survive Knives is from what I've read and watched setting a new standard for the knive culture at a price that is reasonable...

  3. You won't be disappointed. I have 2 GSO 5.1's and love them. I carry one with me everywhere I go (the elmax version). I really like what they are doing and at a fair price. The design's are simple yet effective and extremely comfortable even after extended use. I think ESEE could lower their prices a bit. Their 1095 dulls fairly quick, I have a few and have to sharpen them constantly. Hope you enjoy those knives, put them to work! Take care!

  4. Thanks for the great review. I'm ordering one if Guy goes through with the extra preorder promo hes talking about. Could you demonstrate the fighting capabilities of the GSO-10? As I only carry camp and bushcraft knives, I need to learn how to fight with them

    1. Thanks appreciate it. If he goes through with the preorder I highly recommend picking one up. It's a fantastic knife at a great price. Being a 10 inch blade it definitely gives a reach advantage when used in knife fighting. Almost like a short sword. We will definitely do some knife fighting tutorials in the future. We are going to try to throw in fighting tutorials fairly regularly. So stay tuned and thanks again.

    2. Thanks for the update. I look forward to the fighting tutorials.

  5. Where could I buy a new GSO 10 knife?

    1. They can be purchased from SURVIVE! Knives website. You have to check back regularly because they do runs of a certain knife and it may not be for sale for a few months. They also do pre-orders where the knives are sold at very low prices. So follow them on facebook/Twitter/Youtube and check their website often.