Web-tex Combat Survival Kit

This is the Web-tex Combat Survival kit and is loosely based off of Lofty Wiseman's British SAS kit. The kit is housed in a plastic container just a bit larger than a deck of cards. The kit pretty much covers all the essential items with room to add more. Here is the list of items:

  • Folding Knife
  • SOF Mini Firesteel
  • Combat Wire Saw
  • Sewing kit (tactical colored thread)
  • Candle
  • Button compass
  • Fishing kit
  • Paper matches
  • Marine whistle
  • Signaling Mirror in lid
  • Pencil
  • Safety Pins
  • Snare wire
  • Cotton tinder balls
  • 10 water purification tablets
  • Accident report form
  • Survival instructions
Fire Kit
I'll start of with the fire section of the kit. The SOF Mini steel works great using the spine of the folding knife as the striker. The 2 cotton tinder balls are in a plastic wrapper (I recommend kneading them with petroleum jelly and placing back in the bag). The tea light candle is of the standard type and I would recommend removing if going to hot environments. As I've had mine melt in similar kits and ruin the contents. I tested the matches by holding them under water and then blowing them dry and the lit, pretty amazing for matches of this type. However, there is no striking surface on the book or included in the kit (epic fail). If you do intend to use this kit I would recommend replacing the matches for wind/waterproof types or at the very least add a striking pad. The knife is decent at best, I would not rely on this knife as my sole cutting tool.

Commando Saw

While on the subject of cutting tools; the wire saw is of excellent quality. It's the standard British Military version or "Commando" saw. It cut through this quarter size limb in mere seconds. The saw has split rings for your fingers and swivels which is much better than other versions. The saw can also be used for an improvised snare system to capture game. The saw can also be used as a garrott to dispose of sentries or any "wet work". 

For signaling the kit comes with a Marine whistle (standard in kits like this) and a large mirror affixed to the lid of this kit. When using the mirror you will have to empty the kit or try not to spill your items out; not ideal but it works. The mirror can also be used to access facial wounds. 

I checked the button compass against my lensatic compass and it was right on. Button compasses are more or less used as a that-away direction and not pin point accuracy. 

Food gathering section
The food gathering gear consist of brass snare wire and fishing kit. The snare wire is pretty standard brass snare wire. The fishing kit includes hooks, line, swivels, and sinkers.

The kit also includes 10 water purification tablets. Being that clean water is one of the most critical things in a survival situation this was a good addition. 

Overall this kit is a good starter PSK, or just good to throw in your rucksack to supplement your gear. The kit features many good items like the SOF Fire steel and is a good bargain for $30 US dollars. 

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