TETON Sports Trailhead (Ultralight) Sleeping bag

TETON Sports have some nice gear for a great price. Pack's, sleeping pads, tent's, you name it and they have it. They currently have two ultralight sleeping bag models, the other being the Journey that's rated down to 40 degrees. Today we are talking about the Trailhead Ultralight Sleeping bag.  An excellent bag for the price, it will also reduce some of the weight in your pack.

Shown stored in the convenient stuff sack
 The Specs:

MSRP: $59.99
Dimensions: 87" x 32" (shoulders) x 22" (foot end)
Color: Yellow and Grey
Temp Rating: +20 degrees Fahrenheit
Shell: Taffeta
Fill: PolarLite Insulation
Lining: Double Brushed P5 Poly
Entry: Right Handed zipper entry
Pack Weight: 2.9 lbs
Pack Size: 14.5" x  6.5" x 6.5"
Storage: Small storage pocket inside the bag
*Stuff Sack Included

I know we've all done it. I remember a few years ago when I was in the mountains of Northern Croatia, I packed my temperate sleeping bag (rated around 40 degrees) instead of my heavier sleeping bag. I didn't want to carry the extra weight in my pack and thought I could tough it out. Needless to say, it was a miserable experience and I froze the whole time. A life lesson learned the hard way!

It's difficult to find a sleeping bag that's lightweight and doesn't take up the majority of the real estate in your pack. Especially with the addition of your food or sheltering gear (hammock/tent/tarp). Often other gear is sacrificed to provide room for the sleeping bags. Usually they are large and bulky and depending upon the temp rating it can become a real burden.

I took the Trailhead Ultralight to the field and tested it out. It's gotten fairly cool in my area at night; dipping into the low 40's the past few weeks. During my packing process, the Trailhead didn't take up much space in the pack, not nearly as much as my other 20 degree bags. The stuff sack performed like a champ.

Some mummy style bags I've used feel like they are choking my feet, this one did not. I'm 6'1" and around 200 lbs and had plenty of room to move around. The lining of the bag was extremely warm and soft to the touch. Another feature I liked is the zipper extended all the way to the foot of the sleeping bag (a feature that doesn't come with higher priced comparable bags). I didn't have to cinch the hood down during my use, but it's there to trap the heat if you need it. Another problem solved by TETON was keeping the draft from entering the bag through the zipper. There is a draft tube that covers the entire zipper from inside the bag.

I searched the web trying to find a comparable bag; I found none. The closest bag I could find was from Wiggy's and it was 4 times the price. The Wiggys bag also was about a half a pound heavier and the zipper did not extend the entire length of the bag (making it a pain to get in the bag). So really not only is the Trailhead a better bargain, but also a better design (the Trailhead looks cooler too and looking cool is always important!).

If your on the market for a sleeping bag I suggest checking out the TETON Sports Trailhead; as well as their other gear. Take the money you saved on the sleeping bag and use it on your next adventure.


  1. Hey! I'm serching for a BackPack that I can Buy. I'm going 3 weeks to London this summer and I've found Teton's Backpacks, can you tell me somenthing else about the cuality of Teton? I'm thinking that I can Buy a 75 liters . Hope the answer soon, thank u !

    1. You won't go wrong with a Teton pack. They are very good quality with a well thought out design. Most companies offering packs of this construction for much higher prices. Check out our review of the Teton Hiker3700. It's an excellent pack. Hope that helps.