Battle Systems LLC: Making life easier for Grunts

Battle Systems LLC has introduced a few products to help aid troops and civilians alike. I'll be reviewing two of their products in this article. One being their most popular the Marker Panel, Individual, Lightweight or MPIL for short. The other product is Vinyl Tape, Coyote Brown used to tidy up sloppy gear.
Both sides feature color matched 2" x 2" Velcro
squares for IR patches


The MPIL is a vast improvement to the original military VS-17 panels. The original VS-17 marker panels were constructed of a heavy fabric and measured around six feet in length, making it undesirable to carry in its issued state.  Many military personnel would cut them down into more manageable pieces. Battle Systems LLC took it a step further.

For this review we tested the MPIL System, Complete. It features an MPIL, 4 Poli Bina Clips, and an IR reflective patch.

The MPIL System Complete: 4 Poli Bina Clips, IR Square
and MPIL

Battle Systems LLC updated the VS-17 to make it more lightweight and manageable to carry on your person (MPIL is 17" x 17"). The whole system fits in the palm of your hand, weighing less than an ounce. Similar to the VS-17 the MPIL has an International Orange side with the opposite side being Cerise (Pink). Both sides feature a color matched 2" x 2" velcro square to be used with IR patches (included with the complete kit MIL/LE). Used with NVG's to help identify friendlies under the cover of darkness. This makes the MPIL also useful when signaling in the dark.

The MPIL System, Complete comes with 4 Poli Bina clips making the system even more versatile. They can be used to attach the MPIL to a pack (w/ MOLLE webbing) or other gear. The four corners of the MPIL feature coyote brown, gutted 550 cord to aid in set up.

I've discussed how important signaling is in previous articles. It is one of the most important components of your survival gear; getting rescued equals staying alive. Strobes require batteries, Signal mirrors require the Sun and effective aim, and Whistle's can be washed out by other sounds (example: impossible to be heard by personal in a SAR Helicopter). The point I'm getting to is that most of these require effort and in a survival situation you may not have the strength for that effort when needed. Visual Signals such as the MPIL only requires the initial energy of setting it up and it continues working while you do other survival related task. This makes the MPIL a great addition or supplement to your signaling gear or survival kit. It packs down very small that it doesn't make sense not to carry one.

Vinyl Tape, Coyote Brown

Any squared away Marine knows to tidy up loose straps to keep from snagging on stuff in the field and noise discipline (not to mention to keep from looking sloppy). Not only can it be used for noise discipline but to cover any shiny stuff that may be on your gear.  Battle Systems LLC developed a product just for that reason. This tape comes in a Coyote Brown color, being that most of our theaters are in desert terrain, it makes sense.  It's cold weather resistant as well as water resistant. The spool comes in at 60' and is 3/4 inches thick. It also makes a great seal for a survival tin to help with water resistance of the kit. 

Check out Battle Systems for the MPIL as well as their other gear at

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