Don't drink from the bowl

So most emphasis of finding potable water in survival situations are based around wilderness discovery. What about for you all that may live in a city or suburban area.

What do you do to prepare when a disaster is headed your way? You may be without a potable water supply for days or weeks, what do you do?

  • Fill up bathtub, sinks, washing machine, and any other water containers
The average human consumes and uses up to 3 gallons a day drinking, cooking, and sanitation (washing themselves and plates, cups etc..).  A good way to really see how much water we consume is by turning off your water for a day and see how quick it goes when you only have 3 gallons to accommodate these task.

Did you know that your water heater holds 40 gallons of potable water? This is easily accessible and it's there when you need it. There is also a few gallons of potable water in the toilet tank. This is the upper section of your toilet. NEVER DRINK WATER FROM THE TOILET BOWL.

Water Storage
If you are storing water in your garage, make sure that you do not sit the containers directly on the concrete. The concrete will react with the plastic and contaminate the water.

I've also seen some people attaching cisterns/rain catchment tanks to the gutters to their house. If you would like to explore this option here is a link to Carolina Water Tanks.

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