SOL Origin Review

So we are reviewing another Adventure Medical Kits SOL item. We continuously use the word innovation when talking about AMK products. This is another example where they are stretching the limits with new ideas.

This is the SOL Origin- It's basically a Personal Survival Kit, where some of the survival tools have been integrated into the container itself. I like the concept; it makes use of valuable real estate. This kit is very compact and can be carried on your person quite easily.
Tools integrated into Origin case
The Origin is housed in a super tough ABS plastic case. I submerged the case and it is indeed waterproof  (Thanks to the locking lid and waterproof seal). As I stated above, the tools are built into the case. The Core Lite has a locking mechanism to make sure it stays put- pictured above.

The button compass is a liquid grade and has somewhat of a slow moving needle. I wouldn't use this as a primary compass. It's more intended to be a general direction back up compass, so that your not walking in circles. This is not a bad thing, as most kits this size include similar compasses.
The flip up mirror is yet another space saving design. The signal mirror is a polycarbonate mirror with a retro-reflective aiming lens. I'm a huge advocate for signaling equipment in a survival situation. The retro-reflective lens makes for pinpoint accuracy as well as the ability to signal with one hand (in case you become injured).
Core Lite submerged
The Core Lite (also attached to the outside of the kit) features a knife, LED light, and whistle. The blade is made of AUS 8 steel and has a liner lock design. The knife came relatively dull. After a few strokes on a sharpening stone it became razor sharp (AUS 8 steel is very easy to sharpen). Considering size constraints, this knife is of better quality than many kits of this size on the market. It doesn't take the place of a full sized knife, but I would rather have this than nothing. Many people get bushcrafting and survival confused when talking about survival knives. Survival is staying alive until you get rescued; which usually takes 72 hours. This knife would fulfill most tasks in the 72 hour range. You can find dead wood and break it by leverage to construct a shelter. This is a quicker and far more effective method than chopping anyway.

The LED light is placed at the blade of the knife. This is super beneficial when using the knife in the dark. I submerged the Core Lite and the light continued to shine. I would like to see a brighter LED.

Another feature of the Core Lite is the 100dB pea-less whistle. Pea-less whistles are better than your standard whistles. The Core Lite is also brightly colored in case you drop it on the woodland floor.

The question of Fire Craft is answered by The Fire Lite Sparker. I've done extensive testing on these type of fire starters. They are excellent when used with the accompanying Tinder Quik tabs. Check out these other articles for more information  Spark Lite & Tinder Tab Review; Survival Spark.

Moving inside the case:

Removing the lanyard will add extra space to the inside of the kit

In the photo above you will see the inside contents. 

  • The needle is a heavy duty sail cloth needle and can be used in conjunction with the fishing line for quick repairs.
  • 10 ft of braided nylon cord with a 150lbs test strength. For equipment repairs, animal traps and shelter construction. It can also be separated - while sacrificing strength, it will supply you with more cordage.
  • Fishing kit includes 30' of fishing line (test strength unknown), 2 split shot, 2 snap swivels and 4 hooks. The hooks are excellent- they have bait thorns to keep bait from sliding off hook. As well as a slight bend to help with hooking the fish.
  • 1 square foot of Aluminum foil to cook fish or to attempt boiling water.
  • 4 Tinder Quik tabs. Tinder Quik tabs are waterproof and burn from 2:30-3 mins on average. 
  • 6 feet of mil spec stainless steel wire. Can be used to make snares or gear repair. I find this wire of better quality than the brass wire included in most kits.
  • SOL Tips and Techniques pamphlet. Supplies you with basic instructions and helps facilitate memory while in already stressful survival situation. 

There is also plenty of room to add more items. I would recommend some water purification tablets and a back up method of fire craft.

Overall this is an excellent kit for the size and price. I would like to see a brighter LED light and glass being used for the signal mirror, as it projects light crisp and bright, but it's definitely not a deal breaker. It's a great deal for what you're getting. The Core Lite when purchased separately is $20 by itself (SOL Origin MSRP $40). Pair this kit with a good knife and SOL Emergency Bivvy and you will be set.

Other than the integrated design, this kit isn't too far off from the kit I designed and that is currently sold in the Black Scout Store linked here: Survival Kit.

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