Dakota Fire Hole

Here is one of our recent videos illustrating how to construct a Dakota Fire Hole. Having an underground fire place may meet your needs in a particular situation. This is a way to somewhat conceal your fire, very fuel efficient, and serves well for cooking food. I forgot to mention in the video- If you prepare this hole beside a tree with low hanging limbs, this will break up your smoke from the fire. Making it harder to detect.

Simple Instructions:

  1. Dig a primary hole 12 or so inches wide by 12 inches deep.
  2. On the upwind side poke a large hole (I find it easy to use a stick to poke through and bore out) connecting to the large hole for ventilation. 
  3. Line the hole with layers of fuel(wood)
  4. Start your fire in the hole.
You can also place green fresh limbs across the hole to act as a grill or stove. 

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